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For P90x veterans, how can I get the most out of my workout?
I plan to begin P90X in a few weeks (when I'm done with Insanity). I want to get the most out of my journey. I'll be getting married shortly after my completion and I want to look and feel the best I ever have in my life. For those of you who are P90X veterans, what tips do you have to get the most out of the workout plan?

I should add that I'm a 29 year old small-framed female. I'm a runner so I have good endurance, but not so much strength... especially in my arms.

Also, I may be traveling overseas for a week during P90x. What's your advice on sticking to the workout on the road?
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RE: For P90x veterans, how can I get the most out of my workout?
1/14/13 6:41 AM as a reply to candygurl15.
follow the rules: use a weight that is challenging and the last 3 reps (of your target# reps) should be difficult. start out lighter and keep a heavier weight close by... ie. if you have little upper body strength, start with 5lbs and if you find that you're blowing through 12-15reps with no problem, then you know you need a higher weight next set so go with 8lbs. when you first start with p90x and are getting used to the workouts, it's really trial/error when it comes to selecting a weight that works for you... same with resistance bands.

as for travel.. if you have a gym in the hotel, just bring your manual with you... it has all of the workouts/descriptions so if you're already familiar with the exercises, you can just bring the manual with you and use the hotel weights.
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RE: For P90x veterans, how can I get the most out of my workout?
1/14/13 9:10 AM as a reply to candygurl15.
Good advice from the previous poster. I would add:
1. Use the worksheets to track your progress. It lets you know what you need to do next time - add reps, increase/decrease weight. et.
2. DO THE YOGA!!!! Many people do not like the yoga. I didn't either when I first started, but now I love it and the benefits are worth it.
3. Form is king.
4. When I travel, I always check to see if there are gyms near where I will be staying. I may also contact them before I leave to check on things like hours, price et. You could also bring resistance bands. Weights are better, but bands will do.
5. Don't get frustrated if you struggle with pull=ups. They are HARD. Use a chair or a pull-up assist if necessary.
6. Don't skip the warm-ups or cool-downs.
And last but not least,

Good luck
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