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I feel like I'm eating enough, but the meal plan says I'm not.
When I calculated the BMR and such, I fell into the Level II category, which mean I should be eating 2400 calories. But to me, having only 3 levels seems like it's generalizing a lot of people into possibly eating too much or too little. Today I ate 5 meals, and at the end of the day it was 1,974 calories. 161g protein, 191g carbs, 45g fat. Now although Level II is supposed to be a 40% 40% 20% protein:carb:fat ratio, today mine was 40%:48%:11% But I only followed the portion plan (# of servings for each food group). 400 more calories seems like a lot. It's not like I"m starving. I'm not a huge guy, I'm only 5'6" and 166 lbs. Is that 400 calories really going to make a difference, and if so in what way? Will it really hurt my progress of burning fat and gaining muscle? I feel like I"m spending enough money on all those veggies, meat, and recovery/protein shakes and protein bars. Who knew eating healthy would cost more than eating like a slob?
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RE: I feel like I'm eating enough, but the meal plan says I'm not.
1/14/13 6:13 PM as a reply to Desidarius.
Thats perfectly fine and your doing it correctly. That number 2400 is a general guide and starting point. You want to adjust to your needs. Everybody is different. I go by if im starving and lacking the energy i eat a bit more. If im full and my energy levels are fine i stick to that number. Its not an exact science so no worries. IF 1974 is enough for you then thats perfectly ok! Keep it up!

Team Engage
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