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How much calories should i eat??
How much calories should i eat??
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1/16/13 6:37 PM
Hey Guys i am wondering how much calories should i eat everyday?
I am 6'2, im 15 and i weight 178. I am in the football team and practice every day and i have started insanity and i about to finish the 1st week. i am usually eating 1000-1250 calories a day. Is this enough or should i eat more?
i Eat really healthy like for breakfeat a protein shake and a apple
lunch like either a yougurt and a apple or rice, fish, chicken, soup etc...
and dinner nothing really but sometimes a snack.
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RE: How much calories should i eat??
1/17/13 7:12 AM as a reply to Rany1.
Are you still managing to have good energy at that level of calorie consumption? With Insanity and football I would say you are eating LESS THAN HALF what you should be eating. Bump to about 2600 calories and keep eating clean. Are you looking to add mass?

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