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Finished P90x, what to eat and what to change (college student)
Ok so basically I'm a college student who doesn't really know how to cook and only has a part time job so I don't really have A LOT of cash

So now that I finished P90x, I am content with my results except my abs...I mostly eat regular home cooked meals but some are high in fat sometimes (asian foods) It's my fault I didn't eat completely right but I am still loving the results.

Can you give me any ideas on what to eat and what are EASY to cook/microwave and still stay eating healthy? The only healthy thing I can think of eating is oatmeal and I do actually eat it a lot. I just have trouble finding stuff to eat

I'm planning on doing p90x over again but what should I do different besides raising the weights and reps? I took a 3 week break since I went to Disneyland and SD for a few weeks and READY to start again.
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RE: Finished P90x, what to eat and what to change (college student)
1/17/13 12:42 AM as a reply to BtOrtega27.
Congratulations on finishing your first round! I am also starting P90X again, 11 days into round 2. My company just shut down for 3 weeks over Christmas, so I had to experiment with eating frugal as well.

Some things I bought: pre cooked rotisserie chicken, large container of salad, tuna pouches, cheese sticks and shredded cheese, whole wheat tortillas, protein bars, milk for my shakes, bananas, honey, rice cakes, Michelina's $1 frozen meals ( I know, not approved), and Greek yogurt. All told, I spent between $40 and $50 for 4 nights of food. My meals played out like this:
Meal 1: 1 c milk, 1 scoop protein, 1 T flax seed, 1 frozen banana and 1 T honey
Meal 2: Michelina's, tuna pouch,
Meal 3: salad, rotisserie chicken, shredded cheese, light dressing, carrots and 2 tortillas
Meal 4: left over carrots with hummus, protein bar, yogurt and an orange

This put me at right about 2100 calories, sometimes more depending on the Michelina's.

The rotisserie chicken, I deboned and put 3.5 oz into baggies. Made enough for 6 indivdual servings. One night, I chose to put the tuna in my salad, and saved the chicken and cheese to heat up in the microwave between the tortillas. Needed salsa, but was good none the less.

Oh, I also took an ounce of nuts each night. We get the large container which runs about $15 but lasts us a good while.

I hope some of this helps, or at least gives you some ideas. Good luck in round 2!

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