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my nutrition for insanity
my nutrition for insanity
1/21/13 12:36 AM
ok i need your opinion tis is my nutrition for insanity

07:45 am i wake up and drink glass of water and take one spoon what i call healthy bomb(carrot,honey and walnuts mixed up)

08:00 am doing insanity

09:00 drink 4 whites and 1 egg yolk and then i eat breakfast(bread,jam,eggs,fish) just to have carbohydrates

between 09:00 and 12:00 i take some fruit like apple

12:00 am again aet someting with bread(carbohydrates) just to have energy for school

04:00 pm eat my moms lunch she make me vegetables

07:30 pm doing some abs (3 times in week)

08:00 pm before i go to sleep eat fruit and drink pure whey

what do you think about this my goal is to get abs put bb about 7% write to me in inbox
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RE: my nutrition for insanity
1/21/13 2:22 AM as a reply to j0de.
How are those abs coming along????

I can't remember, did we set up a myfitnesspal account for you with target calories and macros? If not, send me your height, weight and age and we will do that!

Are you eating dinner? I don't see that on the list. Also, you are quite young, you need to be eating enough to grow properly. It is great to eat healthfully, and very important, but you need to eat enough. With the fact that you are already on good shape, you should concentrate on eating throughout the day (it looks like you are working on that) to keep up your energy and then you will be able to get the most out of your program.


Elite Home Fitness Group
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RE: my nutrition for insanity
1/21/13 5:32 AM as a reply to j0de.
Get a myfitnesspal account and start tracking your nutrition. It is hard to judge a nutrition without the big picture.

Also i are you drinking egg white not cooked? If that the case stop that please as you could get sick by salmonellosis.

Just by the look of it i am pretty sure you are not eating enough. Start tracking and let us know what is your daily calories count and macros.
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