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Combine Insanity and Turbo Fire?
Combine Insanity and Turbo Fire?
1 round of insanity down 1 round of turbo fire
1/22/13 12:38 PM
Hi everyone! I'm on round 2 of Insanity and I wanted to know the experts' opinions on this: I would like to do Turbo Fire and Insanity the same day, I mean turbo before Insanity, I tried doing Fire 30 and Fire 45 before Cardio Circuit and Cardio Power and I felt fine, it was like a very good warm up, turbo gets my heart rate up and it gives me a good sweat but doesn't leave me breathless like Insanity. I also wanted to do it in the morning before breakfast but I've read fasted cardio shouldn't last longer that 40 minutes, however I'm just asking for opinions and experiences. My goal is to lose body fat so I'm making sure I eat enough because I burn about 1200 calories when I do both videos.

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