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Can someone answer questions for an Insanity Newbie?
Hello! I started Insanity on January 14. So far so good. I just started perusing the message boards. Whew - there is a lot of information out there! Probably, the answers to my questions are somewhere in this realm, but my PC is so takes forever to load one page. Anyway, here are my questions:

1. This Saturday is my first Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs day. Do they seriously mean doing both workouts back to back?

2. I'm noticing that my bowels are ---uh----not acting as efficiently as they once were. Common problem for when your body is getting used to the program?

3. The people working out with Shaun T are obviously, by appearances, in excellent shape already. Yet, they are struggling. I struggle too, but not like they do. Am I just not pushing hard enough? I find that if I try to go faster, I lose the form. To maintain excellent form, I can't go as fast as they do. (Yet my heart rate is too high and I wheeze sometimes.)

4. The Heisman 1-2-3---now, the first go around, you can clearly see the two side steps in the middle. By the third go around, it looks like they are skipping one of the steps in the middle. Do you think they are skipping that extra step in the middle or are they that fast?

Thank you!
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RE: Can someone answer questions for an Insanity Newbie?
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1/24/13 3:01 AM as a reply to Debbiek206.
Hey Debbie!!!!!

You sound like me emoticon Especially on the Heisman question (and does it totally bug you that Shaun T forgets part of the stretch in Plyo?????).

1)The ab workout is only 15 minutes long. It's not that bad, but you will be tired after you do both of the workouts. It comes out to an hour total for the workouts. You only do this 5 times during the first month and I actually really like the ab DVD. If you want/need to, split up the workouts and do one in the morning, and one in the evening.

2)Yes, your body makes a LOT of adjustments because of the deep impact Insanity makes. You may retain water and acids (you may have noticed your weight goes up a bit). Make sure you are eating lots of high fiber foods and proteins, and drinking lots of water. If you need help setting up a tracking account or diet plan, let me know. Green tea will help with body function and you can add an Activia type yogurt. Shakeology really does the trick if that's a supplement you are using or want to use.

3) I always wonder how the heck they picked out that group of people!! A few of them do the exercises all wrong! I wonder if it's a way to make us feel better about ourselves? I can see that some of the people make obvious mistakes in their footing and stretches. Listen to Shaun T's cues and watch Ariel or Tania as they have the best form. They get tired, but they attempt to finish everything and always have excellent form.

4) it's called 1-2-3, but really, it's step, step knee. When it's really fast, it's more like a shuffle, almost. That's one move I really like.

I love your questions!!!! Write me any time or add more here!!!!


Elite Home Fitness Group
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RE: Can someone answer questions for an Insanity Newbie?
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1/24/13 4:00 AM as a reply to Debbiek206.
Hi there!

Great questions emoticon

1) Yeah, they are meant to be done on the same day, but you don't necessarily have to do them back to back, you can take a break in the middle. I personally like to just get them all done at once.

2) I haven't experienced this personally, but could be something more to do with your nutrition?

3) The people in the video are in great shape, but they take breaks too. Make sure to keep your good form and you will improve and get faster over time.

4) I think they're just fast, because you actually have to take that middle step or you can't do that move.

Keep digging deep and you will see some great improvements!

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