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Injured - How to Proceed
Injured - How to Proceed
1/24/13 7:41 AM
Okay coaches - I tweaked my back yesterday by simply lifting my daughter out of the car. Yeah I know - a big macho way to get injured. It's nothing too serious but it has sidelined me yesterday and probably today. My question:

- When I get back to my p90 routine, do I pick up on the day I left off (i.e. Legs / Back) or do I perform the day that is scheduled (Kempo).

I'm sure I'm over thinking it - but was curious as to what others do. I'm really trying to follow the program and, so far, I have been and am in 3rd week.

Thanks in advance guys and gals.

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RE: Injured - How to Proceed
1/24/13 8:09 AM as a reply to inzo21.
If you are missing 2 days in a row, just do the scheduled routine, more than 3 days repeat the week, if you feel pain in your back modify the movement.

By the way we started a new P90X BootCamp last week , but you can stop by now and get your questions answered and for motivation and inspiration.

The location of the threat is:

Stop by check us out and Bring it!

Talk to you more on the thread

Coach Albert
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