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P90X nutrition question
P90X nutrition question
1/25/13 6:33 PM
Hello! I'm finishing out my first month of P90X.

I have lost 35 pounds in the last year but not really any in the last few months. I can see some results with P90X so far but I'm really wanting to lean out my midsection. Legs and arms are good, but flabby in the middle.

According to the meal plan I'm supposed to be at 2400 calories. The fat burner phase, which I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to be in, is for 50% calories from protein right now. Y'all, that is SO hard for me. I started at 2000 callories because i just couldn't get that much protein. After not losing, my instinct is to drop, so I'm shooting for 1600 now. Still running about 35-40% protein most days.

I'm doing Shakeology, eggs, baked chicken or lean turkey, greens, protein powder, and a protein bar daily, along with fruit, veggies, and healthy fats. I'm CMich76 in myfitnesspal if anyone would like to see.

I'm about ready to just say screw the macros and eat my 1200 calories and see if that helps, because I'm getting frustrated. I don't drink anything but water, black coffee, and green tea. I don't eat perfectly all the time, but I'd say at least 80%.

I'm also considering going to the doubles program for p90x this next month.

PLEASE give me some suggestions!
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RE: P90X nutrition question
1/25/13 11:20 PM as a reply to Christine76.

I feel your frustration, but trust me, dropping to those calories will not work. You will just slow you metabolism, burn less calories during your workouts, and feel like crap!

Before anyone can give you advice, we'd need to know some specifics.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but weight isn't the save-all number. If you've been tracking your progress since you've stopped losing weight, have you made any increase or decrease in muscle size? How do your photos look? How does your clothes fit?

Stepping on a scale will only give you your total weight, but can't tell if you'e gained muscle, lost fat, stayed the same etc. Thats best seen through photographs, measurements, and how your clothes have been fitting.

All this being said, have you tried to reach out to your coach? Thats usually the first thing I'd suggest.

If you are not getting a response, then seek out a coach who will help you out.

Personally I've done P90X, X2, and Insanity and would love to help you but think you should give your current coach a try first.

Don't give up, you've made it this far and have done fantastic!

Buddy request sent

Coach Marc
Team Phoenix
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RE: P90X nutrition question
1/26/13 2:02 AM as a reply to CoachMarcH.
Thank you so much for your response!!

I can say that my clothes are fitting better but I don't think I've lost any inches. I also have a body fat tester and its not changed either.

My coach isn't great with this sort of thing; unfortunately as a coach myself I can't change, but I still appreciate the advice! I will try to increase cals again and see how that goes. It's hard to do without resorting to pizza!!
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RE: P90X nutrition question
1/26/13 4:51 AM as a reply to Christine76.
Search around the boards for a bit and you'll find that women don't lose as fast as they'd often like. I may know the reason for that.

I purchased the Bodybugg, and found I only burn about 200 calories per actual P90X workout. If you weigh more than me (140) then it's safe to estimate about a 250-300 calorie burn per workout. Men might be able to hit the vaunted 600 calorie burn per workout, but it ain't happening in this household!

I do recommend staying with the plan though as it's balanced in it's approach and the crew at Beachbody was very thoughtful about their planning.

My recommendation would be to hang at the 2200-2400 calorie level by using the Level 2 plan and maybe backing out a snack or two. However, if you're still not losing weight as fast as you'd like, try just doing the Level I. By the time you add in the recovery drink and the bar, it's almost in the 1950 calorie range.

I won't recommend going below the Level I because the goal here is to build muscle and improve fitness. You'll need the protein levels to hit your goals. You may not be having a quick muscle building to fat loss conversion as you've lost so many pounds already. Weight loss does stall because your body wants to preserve itself. You gain muscle at a slower rate than fat--and while muscle burns calories, it's a bit slow!

You can get bars and recovery drinks at Beachbody, but you can also substitute in like calorie items from other sources. I like the 30G Detour bars cut in half and Optimum Nutrition Products in addition to BB products. Beachbody products are the best because they use the least amount of chemicals (Ace-K), but sometimes budgets are an issue.

If you're having trouble with getting in the amounts of protein that the plan recommends, then substitute in a protein shake with milk and protein powder. Add a bit of stevia and that will help.

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RE: P90X nutrition question
1/26/13 7:12 AM as a reply to LindaRodriguez.
Thanks Linda! I'm finishing recovery phase 1 tomorrow so ill ramp up calories again starting Monday.

I had a BodyMedia and now am using a heart rate monitor, and its interesting that you said that about calorie burn too. I feel like I'm pushing as hard as possible, but the guys in the Kenpo x video said they were at 160 HR while I was barely 120s! So that may explain it too.

Guess I'm off to hard boil some more eggs... ;)
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