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Protecting Palms and Wrists
Protecting Palms and Wrists
1/26/13 12:46 PM
Hey everyone! I have a quick question. I've been working Insanity the Asylum program. This is my third time through the program and I'm starting to feel some stain in the palms of my hands mainly and and some slight pain in my wrists during the moving push up/plank work. Are there any strategies to protect myself from strain injuries??

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RE: Protecting Palms and Wrists
1/26/13 1:54 PM as a reply to bethdingwall.
Pain in wrist : you have a few options here :
-you could try to do knuckle push-ups,

-you could check into buying some pushups stand, tony horton has some nice one,

-also you could check to do some stretch of your wrist,
outside wrist stretch : to stretch the outside of your wrist, point your right forearm upward with your right elbow against your torso and your right palm toward your face. Place your left palm against the back of your right hand, then gradually press your right hand down until you feel the stretch on the outside of your right wrist and forearm. Reverse to stretch your left wrist.

Inside wrist stretch : extend your right arm in front of you with your elbow straight and your right palm facing up. Use your left hand to gradually pull your your right hand down and back so that your fingers point toward the ground. You should feel the stretch on the inside of your right wrist and forearm. Reverse to stretch your left wrist.
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