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Team Adrenaline Insanity Group Starts February 4th
Welcome Fellow Insanity Guests!!!

We will be starting a fresh round of Insanity beginning February 4, 2013.

Let me help you reach your personal fitness goals. There is no reason why you need to go at this alone! Together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

It doesn’t matter what size, shape or physical ability you may have, we will help you succeed by using this simple formula Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

• If you want to see great results, you have to focus on your nutrition as much as the workouts. Nutrition plays a key role in how you will reach your goals and attain the new and better you! Be prepared by getting a solid nutrition plan in place prior to starting. You can do this week-to-week or even plan out your entire month. Over time you will learn new eating habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

• Shakeology is a great way to meet all of your nutritional needs! As a meal or a snack it fuels your body with everything it needs in order to BRING IT every day!

• Nothing is more important or motivating than to see where you started and how you are progressing along the way! It is so CRUCIAL that you do the following BEFORE you begin:

• Take your Measurements now and at each 30 day interval

• Take your before & after pictures. Today, Day 30, Day 60.

Also utilize the tools that TBB provides. Complete your profile, and track your measurements and weight online. I use MyFitnessPal online to track my food diary as well as my calories burned each day. MFP also has apps for iPhone, Andriod, and Blackberry.

• Accountability: Post your accountability DAILY on the message boards! This is the key to staying motivated. Here is an interesting statistic I’ve noticed over the past couple of threads I’ve been in. Out of all the people who join the thread and commit to the workouts, less than 20% will complete the full 90 day program! But what I found is, of those of post every day they are 90% likely to complete the program and transform their lives.

The message boards and forums are a great way to meet others that are going through exactly what you are and it helps stay accountable and motivated! Your forum buddies will have tips and information that has helped them and could help you as well. You will be doing the same in no time!

Are you ready to get started?
First step, post your commitment to join the team, and second, add me as a buddy and I'll give you more important information. I look forward to getting to know you and seeing the new you!

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RE: Team Adrenaline Insanity Group Starts February 4th
1/30/13 8:51 AM as a reply to Over40Mike.
February 4th is on Monday! I am getting all of my foods together and ready to start. Who's with me?

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RE: Team Adrenaline Insanity Group Starts February 4th
2/10/13 2:41 PM as a reply to Over40Mike.
I started February 4. I am 6 days in. It has been kicking my butt but I love it. I can already tell a difference.
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