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Leg Exercise Routine
Leg Exercise Routine
1/30/13 10:09 PM
I'm looking to build muscle in my legs with workouts that include squats, deadlifts, some lunges, etc.

Let's assume I'm doing multiple sets of each exercise. Should I complete all the sets of one exercise before moving on to the other exercises, or is better to alternate the exercises so that I do one set of each before going on to the second set, etc.?
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RE: Leg Exercise Routine
1/31/13 6:56 PM as a reply to moonmullins.
I would do all the sets of one exercise then move on to the next. Another thing you can try is to give this a shot using squats for an example.

Do 12 squats at a base weight then rest 60 seconds
Do 10 squats at a heavier weight, rest 60 seconds
Do 8 squats and increase weight, rest 60
Do 6 with increased weight, rest 60
Do 12 squats or to failure with the same weight you did with the 8 squats.

This will light each muscle up.
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