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Snacks that are equal parts P/C/F?
So it took awhile and some trial and error but I'm finally getting the ratio of Protein/Carbs/Fat that I want. Only problem now is I'm falling about 150 calories short of my target. Anyone have any ideas for a snack that can get me those extra 150 calories without throwing off my percentages? The lower the sodium, the better, too. Still battling with my sodium intake (sodium seems to be EVERYWHERE, I have no idea how to get it below 2500mg)
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RE: Snacks that are equal parts P/C/F?
2/2/13 11:57 AM as a reply to TwoMSixer.
Have you taken a look at the Cliff builder bars. They are protein bars that are pretty even on protein and carbs. They do have a little bit of sugar but nothing too out of control. Also, if you change up the ratios a little bit on the meals and move the fats to a snack almonds are a great snack, small hand full is about 150 calories.

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RE: Snacks that are equal parts P/C/F?
2/2/13 3:43 PM as a reply to BumpusBurn.
Yeah I've looked at Clif Builders bars once. I tried one once when I was in a pinch for a meal and only had time to stop by a corner store. It was actually delicious. What turned me off was the sugar, and also I did some research online and apparently the protein comes from some pretty questionable sources (see: Soy).

I've got almonds in my daily meal plan already. Here's what Im eating daily right now:

1cup 2% milk w/ 1 scoop ON Gold Standard Whey
7 egg whites
1 cup spinach
1 multigrain tortilla wrap (100 cal)

.5oz almonds
1 med. banana

1 multigrain tortilla wrap
6oz of deli turkey
2 cups shredded lettuce
1 string cheese stick
1 cup skim milk w/ 1 scoop ON Gold Standard Whey

Recovery drink

1 string cheese stick
1oz turkey jerky

6oz grilled chicken breast or salmon
24oz of various veggies (broccoli, green beans, carrots, etc)

This puts my numbers at 2147 calories, 157g carbs, 46g fat, 269g protein, 3000mg sodium. (51/30/19 P/C/F)

I'm 6'0" 195lbs male.
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