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I want to sleep at 10pm on weekdays & late on weekends. How??
I want to sleep at 10pm on weekdays & late on weekends. How??
p90x insanity sleeping weekend weekdays biological clock
2/2/13 8:55 PM
Hey everyone,

I hope that my question in the subject line is clear. I have reset my biological clock around 6 months ago to 10 PM for sleep and wake up at 5:30 AM (sometimes 6 am) for my morning rituals.

I find that these hours are amazing, and I would love to push the energy on weekends for partying and hanging out with my friends to 12 or even to 3 am. My body has gotten used to my 10 PM sleeping time to the point that by 9:30 pm I'm ready to hit the sack on weekends. Totally messes up the fun!

What are your tips for this?

Extra info: My latest meal is at 7 or 8 pm and my earliest is at 7 or 8 am. I work out in the evening by 5 or 7 PM sometimes (P90X/Insanity hybrid system).


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For the weekend: Caffeine emoticon

taking caffeine pills will boost your energy levels and will keep you going.
Almost all pre-workout supplements contain them and they'll give you a nice amount of extra energie that'll last a few hours.

I'd look up how long the effects last, and time it accordingly.

If you know a pill/shake/... gives you 5 hours of energy, and you plan on going out till 2 am then pop one around 8-9 pm emoticon
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Thanks Pirader for your tips! And I would rather stay away from pills or supplements. I don't want to live a life of supplementation over things I want but somehow cannot attain. I'm sure someone out there did it without any of that stuff.

Coffee is not my thing nor is caffeine. I'm looking more into tweaking my hours.
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