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Need extreme stretching help for lower body
Hey everyone. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I didn't see any category that this fit into. Here is my story: I have an extremely tight lower body. I have been a toe walker all my life. As ive gotten older ive tried to stop and for the most part I have. Only when I run I do it on my toes and I am still working on it. Due to doing this I have severly over developed Calf's. Looking at them you would think I am a body builder. At the same time my calf's are extremely tight. Tight to the point where if I am walking I feel like they may tear. I also think due to the calf issue my whole lower body never developed right i.e. balance, flexibility, stability issues. I was getting PT done where I would do some balance exercises/ treatment but I lost my insurance. I am unable to do squats. I can hardly get my knees bent before I fall backwards. I can touch my toes with a good amount of stretching before hand or a good round of Tapoutxt. I was also recently diagnosed with Chondromalacia patella which from what the dr told me I think is partly due to the tight lower body. What can I do to fix my lower body? I am open to anything I can do myself foam rolling, stretches, self massaging, etc. I've searched online and haven't found anything that seems like it can help me. Any help you can [provide would be appreciated. Thanks!
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