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Lost ten pounds in the first week and haven't lost since?
I started p90x lean about three weeks ago and I am very loyal to my workouts. I lost ten pounds easy with diet and exercise, the second week was the hardest and saw no results. I kept up the pace and did extra exercise after the p90x video still nothing, here is the end of week three and I'm finally seeing results but no more weight loss emoticon. Am I doing something wrong?
weight before:140
Current weight:130
About 1200 calories a day, 30g protein, 50 carbs, 15 sugars

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RE: Lost ten pounds in the first week and haven't lost since?
2/3/13 9:33 PM as a reply to JayBrooks814.
It is normal not to lose any weight in some weeks especially at the beginning. So its awesome you lost 10 right from the get go.

It looks like you may not be eating enough also though. You could be in storage mode right now. 30 Grams of protein isnt gonna cut it either. That number really needs to go up. Id have to take a closer look at your diet to give you real advice. If you need assistance let me know!

Team Engage
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RE: Lost ten pounds in the first week and haven't lost since?
2/3/13 11:47 PM as a reply to JayBrooks814.
Hey there,

You are probably eating not enough. Your macro ingredients are pretty low aswel...
30 protein, 50 carbs...

To see how many protein you need as a minimum; take weight in pounds and multiply it by .37
Thats the minimum amount.

Also i would suggest you add about 200 calories at least.
I started to lose a lot more weight when i was eating 1900 calories instead of 1500 calories.
Your body needs the extra fuel and intake because of the extra work it's going through because of the workouts.

Also how much fat do you take in?
Do you have a myfitnesspal account where you log your food intake? It will give you the exact amount of p/c/f and calories you consumed in a day if you log everything. It makes things a lot easier emoticon
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