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P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
p90x p90x2 p90xplus
2/4/13 7:25 AM
Hey all

I've completed the P90X program twice now and really would rather not due it a 3rd time. Something about watching the same ole DVDs again just doesn't appeal to me. So - I am looking for your feedback as to what my next step should be.

I am a 49 year old male in good shape. P90X did a lot for me and I am looking for the next logical step for my exercise routine. I am internally debating P90X2 versus P90x Plus.

I've read many online reviews and articles which compare the 2 and I realize it mostly comes to personal preference as there is no clear path. I see that P90X2 uses a lot of balance/core work where P90X had none of this. I also heard that P90X+ uses this to some extent and may be a good place to get introduced into this area.

So - since there is no P90X+ message board, I am looking for opinions on P90X2 people who have completed the P90X program (and maybe tried or did P90X+). Can anyone weigh out the positives and negatives for progressing to P90X+ versus P90X2 for me?

I know that there is a huge price difference between the 2 programs. I guess this is due to new equipment for P90X2.

Any advice would be apppreciated! I would like to stay active in my workout routine but move to something fresh and new as well.

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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/4/13 7:57 AM as a reply to kenboatman.
I've completed P90X and I am currently on Day 50 of P90X2. I think it is a great follow up to the first and does really build on developing your core further and takes things to another level. I definitely found it more difficult at first.

It does have more equipment, but in a pinch you can get by with some or none of those extras. The program is designed to be portable so you can quite literally still do it with just the bands. It calls for 1-4 medicine balls, a stability ball, and foam roller as the primary additions.

I recommend it and definitely think it is continuing my development. I lost 20 pounds on P90X and I am down another 13 pounds with X2 (and some Les Mills Combat).

Let me know if I can help further or if you have questions.

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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/4/13 8:05 AM as a reply to kenboatman.
If you're looking to get away from the DVDs in P90X, then P90X+ may not be the right one for you. They are good workouts but P90X+ only has 4 DVDs and the schedule incorporates the P90X DVDs so you'd be wathcing some of the same old DVDs again.

P90X2 is a stand alone program with all new workouts and the main reason it is more expensive then P90X+. Although if you buy the packages with all of the equipment (stability ball, medicine ball, foam roller), that is certainly another reason for the price increase.

I think I'm probably in the minority that liked X2 better then the original X. The moves were more challenging because of the stability aspect, but I really liked pushing myself to master them. I've done P90X several times over the years and could never master the crane position in the yoga workout. It wasn't until X2, then I finally conquered that move. It's proof to me that the stability and core work will still help you improve I think Tony summarizes it best in one of the DVDs when he says something along the lines of "P90X was about getting you into shape. P90X2 is about taking those fit body parts and making them work together."
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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/4/13 8:15 AM as a reply to kenboatman.
I've done P90X a few times, as well as P90X+ and P90X2. X2 is by far my favourite, and really builds on the results of P90X. I'm currently in the middle of another X2 series.
I love the X+ workouts, and they're a lot shorter and I really like that too.
I personally feel that X+ is best as filler in between full programs, or as part of a hybrid program. It's only 5 workouts (I think?). Just my opinion of course.
X2 is a completely new 90day program, with 13 workouts, and each Phase is radically different from the ones before, with 3 workouts swapped in the 2nd phase (unlike 2 in P90X), and 4 new workouts for the 3rd Phase.
Yes there's new gear for X2, none of it is necessary, but I would really recommend it. The core/balance components of it are killer, I was falling all over the place for awhile, but as you get better it's even more rewarding.
And even if you only use the stability ball in your cooldown to do a shivasana (corpse pose) and really stretch out your chest and abs, it's totally worth it.
As for the addition of the roller, it's maybe the best self-care tool I've encountered (and I'm saying that as a Registered Massage Therapist - the rumble roller is great).
Also, as a thought for the long haul, after you do another 90 days, you may find yourself looking forward to swapping in some P90X workouts again and see how you compare to your older workouts.
If you really want to change your approach, you could also try another intense program like The Asylum, it's on my To Do list for later this year.
Best of Luck with your workouts, whatever you decide to do.
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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/4/13 8:26 AM as a reply to NathanRMT.
I would like to thank everyone for their responses so far. I appreciate it very much and I have learned something I didn't find in the articles I've read. emoticon

I would like to take a break from the P90X videos for a while. I have much of the banter memorized and can recite it in perfect time with the DVD. Kind of like saying the lines of your favorite movie while you watch.

If the P90X+ incorporate some of the P90X DVD, it may not be what I am going for.

The things you have mentioned about X2 really has me wondering if the new exercises could be a lot of fun. I am no stranger to falling down, having a tough time, etc. I just keep pressing play and work my way threw it. Perhaps this could be what I was looking for. Also - GREAT suggestion about playing P90X DVDs again in the future to see what progress I have made. Never thought of doing that!

I would welcome more feedback from others but I would like to say that the replies Ive received thus far have really been eye-opening. THANK YOU all!
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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/4/13 8:31 AM as a reply to kenboatman.
Good Morning

I agree with mbruno54. I bought X+ when I purchased X in 2010. I also completed X2 in 2012 and it was my gateway return from back surgery (a few months prior). I too enjoy X2 more than X, but I think it was just because the whole program set up for X2 was differnt. I few moves still the same, but overall....different (especially yoga being 60 min). You can't go wrong with X2 and incorporating the foam roller and ball are awesome.

If you're looking for something a little different.....Have you thought about Insanity? You can keep the benefits of X (after doing 60 days of Insanity) by doing the X/Insanity hybrid.

I LOVE Tony. Met him last June and he is just as crazy in person as on the DVDs, but for was awesome to enjoy Shaun T's energy too. Changing it up can take your fitness to a different level.

Just my perspective from years of experience.

Hope this helps....

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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/6/13 4:57 AM as a reply to CoachStephanieH.
My two cents: I concur with what everyone else has said. I have done P90X, P90X+ and P90X2 as well as Insanity, and Asylum 1 and 2. I am now doing a hybrid of all of them for ninety days. It is pretty cool with so many workouts to choose from. Limits the boredom.

I liked X2 and was baffled by all the negative comments. It is different than the original, but that was the point. It is intended to improve your overal balance, core strength and fitness rather than just your strength in certain moves. I enjoyed it. Like X2, the Asylum programs are more about sports performance and balance and agility.

I say go for X2.

As for the equipment, Tony was cool in that he showed modifications for all the moves so you can do them in your hotel room. I am one of those people who is in a hotel rooom four days a week, every week. I used bands and one of those thingys that you put in a doorjam to loop the band through for pullups, etc. That being said, it just isn't the same as using the prescribed equipment.

As with all the other programs I have done, I juggle the schedule to try and do the most equipment-intensive workouts on friday, saturday and sunday when I am home.

You do really get more out of it if you do the medicine ball pushups on actual medicine balls.

One thing I did like about X2 are many of the moves are very difficult if done properly and take time to master. In old school X, the moves weren't difficult, it was a matter of doing more of them with more weight, etc.

Good luck.
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RE: P90X Grad (2X) looking for P90X2 feedback
2/6/13 5:46 AM as a reply to marcj.
Once again... Thank you everyone for the responses! It think I will go with the P90X2 as my next workout. I have 60-days left of P90X to complete my second time through the program. I did P90X earlier and had to stop due to a shoulder injury, so this is almost the 3rd complete time through the program. emoticon

Everyone has such great input. Your recommendations really help!

I will order P90X2 with all accessories within the next couple of weeks or so to make sure I have everything once I'm ready to start. I also see that they are having a sale on P90X+. I think the entire program is on sale for $30, so I may pick that up as well so I can do a P90X hybrid at some point in the future. I figure, it is something I will eventually use anyways and should get it while the sale is on.

I also want to say that you guys (and girls) give coaches a good name. Seeing that most of the replies have come from coaches, it speaks highly of your involvement and help. THANK YOU! I did not expect as much information and guidance as I received. You guys are great.

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