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Help! Need P90x Guidance.
Help! Need P90x Guidance.
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2/4/13 7:20 PM
I am going to start by simply saying exactly what has been going on. I am in week 3 of P90x and and really enjoying it. However, this past week (week 3) I have had a very busy schedule with work and school. I was forced to skip three days in a row. After that major skip period, I decided that it would be best if I restarted the week. So, the next two days (2 days ago and yesterday) I did my workouts. Today, however, I will not have time again. I really want to do it and am not simply being lazy, but I just don't know what I should do. Should I restart the week again, or maybe even restart the program.

Now as far as the eating phase of P90x, I must say that I have not followed it to a "T". However, I have always been a very healthy eater. I am still a teenager and as a result am forced to eat pretty much whatever is on my plate (it is never unhealthy, but not necessarily what Tony recommends). Do you guys believe that I am not dedicated enough with the food program?

I am just in a really desperate position right now. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated!
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RE: Help! Need P90x Guidance.
2/4/13 7:27 PM as a reply to bobinator3010.
Hello, that sucks about having to skip days. You can restart the week again or start over. Its completely up to you. Quick note though, i get up extra extra early to make sure the first thing i do for the day is my workout. That way nothing gets in the way of it. Can miss workouts when doing that! emoticon

You should try your best to follow the guide or atleast eat as clean as you possibly can. Nutrition is the most important part of this program!

Team Engage
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