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getting used to your weight loss
hey folks! i just was reaching out there to others who have been successful with their losses and have difficulty accepting their new body.

getting noticed more, feeling more awkward, figuring out how to dress, how to date....

just wanted to hear from others cause i just hit my lowest weight in over a decade and it feels weird but awesome but weird!
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RE: getting used to your weight loss
2/28/13 2:34 PM as a reply to marlobean.
I understand how you feel but be proud! Dress how you feel comfortable. Just because your thinner now does not mean you have to wear a bikini everywhere. lol jk. Always remember that less is more and you will attract more positive attention wearing appropriate things as opposed to wearing less and attracting the people who only want one thing. lol. Im sure you probably get tons of attention from men now and thats probably the biggest adjustment to this whole thing for you. Dont let it get to your head. Be the same you you were before the weight loss. Stay humble and the right man will come along and appreciate it one day. Otherwise take the attention as a compliment and keep it movin lol. You probably feel awkward because you are probably shy and this is new to you but like I said, take it as a compliment and feel good about yourself that people notice you. There must be something special about you for people to notice it, remember that. ;-)

As far as dating goes if you need any advice message me and I can give you some pointers to get ahead of the game. :-)
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