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Nutrition plan seems a little bit off to me, but i am new to this. haha
Well, tmrw is the day. I start p90x for the first time.

I served in the military for 3 years, so fitness isnt anything new to me. I passed my Fit test, with flying colors, just had a few questions about the nutrition part of the program.

Before i ask my questions, i will tell ya a bit about my stats.

5 foot 9 inches tall.
230 pounds, yes thats not a typo. haha my shoulders and pecks are solid and huge along with huge legs, and only have a slight beer gut.

i calculated my nutrition level with the supplied booklet through beach body p90x, and it told me i was in level 3. I guess im just a bit confused by this. I kinda made a decision i would try level 2, just because i didnt understand how eating 3000+ calories would help me loose weight. But then i found this site, so i figured id ask yall on here!

i appreciate any feedback, and of course motivation. if there is any more infromation ou need to about me just ask.

thanks again.

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Hi, at 5'9" and 230 lbs, you need 2,000 calories to lose weight. What is your current bodyfat and what is your goal? The number 3000+ calories is to MAINTAIN your current weight, but you don't want that.

Coach Alberto
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You can find several different calorie calculators. I used what you posted and came up with approximately 2600 calories to maintain. So to lose approximately 1 lb a week you would subtract 500 cals off that per day. Which takes you to 2100 cals a day. These are guidelines and it takes some time to dial in where you need to be exactly. A lifelong friend of mine who started at 270 lbs consumed 2000 cals a day and it worked great for him. Pick a happy medium and evaluate it after a week or two. You may need to up a bit or lower a bit.
Larry Shelton - EnduraFIT
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