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healthy eating for picky eaters on a budget pressed for time...
Anyone have any thoughts or input on what to eat, maybe some recipes? I am a single mother working a full time job and going to school, I also do a lot of fundraising activities for ACS relay for life so I have little time to prepare meals. I like most fruits and vegetables but I am not a big meat eater, I eat mostly chicken, shrimp or ground beef. I do like other fish but can never cook it right and most of my meals are pretty boring. I also only have about $75 a week to spend on groceries which make s it extremely difficult to eat clean, unprocessed foods.
I really want us to eat healthy! please help!
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Is your goal to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

One of my favorite quick meals is a healthy burrito at home. I can whip this up in less than 10 minutes.

My healthy burrito consists of...

- black beans (or kidney) cooked with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a splash of hot sauce
- chunks of sweet potato (you can cook in the microwave if you're really pressed for time)
- avocado
- mango
- salsa
- cooked red chard, spinach or other leaf

Cut everything up and throw it all into a wheat tortilla and you have a delicious burrito bursting with flavor (and very filling). Throw in whatever other ingredients you like, this is just one of my favorite/fastest combos. This also shouldn't cost too much money, I shop at the farmers markets or smaller mexican supermarkets and usually can find good deals on avocados/mangos bc they can be pricey at the big chain stores.

Good luck!
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I have about 30lbs to lose but Im more interested if feeling better and getting toned than what my weight is, thanks for the recipe
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When you do cook, make enough to last a few days, portion everything in containers, then you can just grab and go. This is common practice among fitness competitors and bodybuilders, it a fantastic habit to get into and really helps keep your diet on track. it pretty much eliminates being stuck wondering what to eat.

Fish is really quite easy to cook properly. I'll use salmon as an example because of the pink color the tell-tale signs of doneness are much easier to see. What you're looking for is the fat to start to poke out of the flesh. You'll start seeing little white beads coming out of the fillet, once you see that its done. Reheating, I find 30-45 seconds in the microwave to be enough to warm it up without drying it out, mind you it will not be piping hot, but I find it warm enough to enjoy.

Send me a private message and I can see what I can do to help you make your meals a little more interesting. I'm a chef by trade, so I've gotten to be pretty good and keeping things healthy without sacrificing too much in the way of flavor.
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