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Idea to boost sales & help customers of Beach Body products
I ordered the DVD Hip Hop Abs after watching an infomercial. Well until I got it and logged online - I didn't know about the fat caliper tool for measuring body fat. I found out about it last night when taking a few hours to browse this website. I am usually a fast learner but this website has so many great reading articles and features that it makes it hard to spend time browsing to know everything offered. Coaches have been fantastic with helping me manuever as much as I have learned on here.

But I think it would be beneficial for all customers as well as for Beach Body to add the fat measuring caliper on the page where the products are sold as well as adding this tool to the specific product a customer seeks.

For me personally, the caliper and DVD Hip Hop Abs go hand in hand. The only tool I ever used to determine if I was "healthy" was the Body Mass Index. But doing the caliper promotions with the visual adds of DVD products would be greatly beneficial to the customer and sales potential for Beach Body Products too. Just an idea. Thanksemoticon
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