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What order should I do the DVDs?
Are you supposed to do Day 1: Phase 1, Day 2: Fat burning system; Day 3 phase 1 again until you're ready for phase 2?
Are you supposed to alternate like that? Thanks for any advice, I'm new to this.

Edit: Let's say I'm on phase 1. Should I do sculpt one day, sweat the next, and alternate?
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RE: What order should I do the DVDs?
2/12/13 9:09 AM as a reply to thetvmn.
Hello- Start with Sculpt 1-2 for day 1 and then on day 2 it's Sweat 1-2. You will alternate everyday and at around the 30 - 45 day you can move up to 3-4. If you adjust quickly you can go onto 3-4 sooner. Hope this helps!

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