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P90X for Vegetarians?
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P90X for Vegetarians?
p90x vegetarian
6/13/09 12:50 PM
I just started P90X. I am doing the Lean routine now and this Monday is my first 30 days complete!

I became a vegetarian 2 months before I started and thankfully the nutrition guide has substitutions for vegetarians. Once I complete lean I am going into standard and I'm concerned that I may not get too much of a muscle growth. However, if I make sure to substitute using the Portion Plan, I should be fine, correct? Or should I take protein supplements as well to really maximize my results.

Phase 2 of P90X Lean has the chest and back routine and that looks like it's going to be hard (but awesome!) so I want to make sure I am getting enough protein. Are there any other vegetarians doing P90X?
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
6/16/09 12:33 PM as a reply to JeffRamos.
Jeff -

If you're looking for advice from the staff, please post over in the fitness or nutrition forums. That's where we work.

But to answer your question, as long as you're following the plan, you should be fine for protein, especially if you're lacto-ovo.
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
6/16/09 12:47 PM as a reply to JeffRamos.
I authored this some time ago when I was first trying out P90X as a vegetarian...It's also the highest hit page on my old blog. I still have veggie only days during the week despite the fact I eat some meat now.

For more resources, google "Training as a Vegetarian: How I learned to stop worrying and love the soy" from Something Awful. Amazing, amazing resource for vegan and vegetarian lifters.

Considering the nutrition guide which accompanies the P90X program is somewhat meat-centric, I’ve modified it for a vegetarian lifestyle. It’s very close to the diet I led before beginning the program, but with fewer carbs. If you’re thinking about doing the program, but are concerned you won’t get enough protein (if you’re a vegan or vegetarian), here are some meal ideas:

Fruit & yogurt
Protein or trail mix bar (I love Clif bars)
Protein shake (post workout)
Oatmeal and fruit
Vegetable omelette (ovo-vegetarian)
Veggie sausage links & eggs (big protein content)

Low-carb wrap sandwich w/ a combo of:
--Faux lunch meat (I like Yves brand)
--Lettuce / spinach
--Veggie slices (cheese substitute)
--Sliced veggies
--Pico de gallo
--Black bean salsa
--Vegan mayo
Soup (Try some black bean or organic tomato)
Hummus with pitas and sliced veggies
Salad (try topping with a sliced Boca chickn patty)
Slaw with vinaigrette
3 Bean salad
Lite egg salad wrap

Vegan biriyani
Chana masala
Risotto / couscous / quinoa
Tofu steak
Steamed vegetables
Rice pilaf
Grilled mushroom caps
Tofu scramble
Grilled vegetables
Marinated tempeh
Soup / Salad
Borscht / Stew
Boca burger / hot dog

Trail mix
Rice cakes
Raisins / prunes / cranberries
Cottage cheese
Ricotta cheese (top with a dash of cocoa and raw sugar)
Juice (organic) / Smoothie
Celery and PB
Hummus and sliced peppers
Broccoli / carrots w/ lite ranch
Picked beets (for weirdos like me)

The diet definitely must incorporate protein and nutrients. It must also meet the higher calorie intake. Don’t skimp on calories, but make sure you are getting them from wholesome sources. I suggest eating a good quantity of legumes and vegetables to accomplish this. You’ve got to cut back on your carb intake during the first stint, but don’t cut it off completely. Just try to focus more on protein-rich carb food instead of starchy carbs like bread or white rice. I have eaten some rice, couscous and risotto, along with some multi-grain wraps and breads. A vegetarian will still experience somewhat of a higher carb intake due to meat substitutes containing carbs. It’s okay, though. I balance that out with walking to work / running on the side. Desserts and sweets are not part of the program, however, if I’m getting a jones for something sweet, I eat some melon, a bowl of ricotta, lowfat frozen yogurt, a fruit smoothie, or some pudding. You can make (super) easy pudding from silken tofu, too:

1 pkg soft / silken tofu
1 tbsp canola oil
1-2 tbsp raw sugar (or agave liquid)
½ tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp cocoa powder
Sliced / frozen fruit – strawberries, blueberries, banana, etc.
3 tbsp carob powder
Almond extract
Ground flaxseed

The pudding works well as a healthy fix for your sweet tooth. I’d also recommend a small square of dark chocolate with a handful of almonds or pistachios. I don’t recommend eating typical sweets like baked goods or cookies. They’re high in refined carbs and you tend to set your body into a nasty sugar crash. I did have a bit of angel food cake topped with banana pudding this weekend, though. It was good, but I didn’t overdo it. Learning moderation and learning to say NO to foods that have little or no nutritional benefit is a good thing. If you’re going to have a drink, make it red wine or dark beer. They’ve shown health benefits from both. Sugary mixed drinks are a poor idea. One Guinness contains 125 calories. That’s fairly low in terms of calories per beer. Just don't go out and drink 10 of them, lol. MODERATION!
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
6/16/09 4:09 PM as a reply to Baconrunner.
I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and am 43 days into P90x Doubles. I've had no trouble getting through the program and only have bonked once early on in the first week. Early on I had trouble getting enough protein, but have since added some whey protein after my workout and eat lots of nuts during the day. I also eat a Balance bar and take a scoop and half of SuperPump 250 a half hour before weight/resistance days which gives me a bit of a boost. I've tried to cut out most sugar from my diet with good success and have added fruit when I have a sugar craving. Mostly strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I have not/will not give up alcohol:-) So agree, stick to red wine and micro-brew beer if you're in the same boat. Not sure where you are located, but in the Bay Area we also have a lot of fake meat options which are high protein low carb/fat. There is a place in NYC that ships nationwide with all kinds of weird veggie options like albacore, tuna, ham, etc... Its called May Wah. I think the URL is, their shipping is a little outrageous though. If you're close to the Bay Area, there is a store in Oakland in China Town that sells the same stuff. I think it is called Layonna Vegetarian. The previous poster has a lot of the other things I eat especially egg whites, veggie breakfast patty on whole wheat in the morning and hummus and carrots as a snack and veggie dogs and boca burgers.

Hope this helps... One thing you haven't mentioned though is what you are trying to get out of P90x. You mention doing Lean, but also talk about getting some size. Suggest you do Classic over Lean if you want some size. Lean is more geared towards cardio and losing weight and lean muscle, not gaining size.
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
6/23/09 8:57 AM as a reply to btscott.
I'm a vegan doing P90x and so far it's been going well. I'm not following the meal exactly, but am eating a pretty good diet and following some advice from the China Study, Eat to Live and Thrive...basically lots of greens, some juicing, protein from beans, tofu, etc. I just wish I liked bananas, but I really can't stand them, so it makes a lot of meal plans and recipes hard to follow!
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
9/2/09 9:06 PM as a reply to athansor67.
I am 34 years old and have been a ovo lacto since i was 4. I am only into week two of p90x lean, and have been sticking to whole foods and a ton of legumes, just have to watch for sodium count. Also have been eating a ton of fresh carrots dipped in homemade humus to get protein and very little carbs.

I will try and start using protein shakes again i guess
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
10/15/09 8:49 PM as a reply to aschellhorn.
just a quick note for anyone who may be vegan (no animal products at all)....i get soy protein drink mix from my health food store, whey protein is derived from the cheese processing emoticon
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
2/2/10 2:45 PM as a reply to JeffRamos.
I just wanted to give this thread a bump back up in the message board in 2010... very very helpful stuff here for me. Became a vegetarian a month ago and have been concerned about engaging in an intensive workout program. After doing more reading on the subject, checking out your posts, I am feeling much better about this.

Thanks emoticon

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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
8/14/11 5:27 PM as a reply to chulatia.
Rice Protein... I am recently Vegan and it is amazing how i can balance out my protein too with a few tablespoons day (at 12 grams pr Tablespoon) I can hit my protein desires quickly and easily.
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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
12/30/11 12:16 AM as a reply to JeffRamos.
I just made a page on facebook for all us P90Xers who are veg...

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RE: P90X for Vegetarians?
12/19/12 8:58 AM as a reply to Baconrunner.
I am just starting P90X and I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I am kinda confused on what is considered to be 1 unit of protein. I am on Level I Phase III and need 9 units of protein per day and I need help figuring out what is considered 1 unit of protein. Please help!
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