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Question about calories burned during yoga and plyo
I was curious if anyone knew how many calories you burn on average during plyometrics and how many you burn during yoga.
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RE: Question about calories burned during yoga and plyo
9/15/09 2:11 PM as a reply to mjdiss.
I was curious about the same thing regarding Plyo and Yoga so did some Google (re)search. Here's what I came up with:

This on-line SELF Magazine article references 10 calories per minute for a 135lb person for plyometrics.

Using that as a benchmark, I plugged that info into an on-line calorie burn calculator and found exercises that had a similar burn.

Similar exercises were:
Ski Machine: general
Boxing: sparring
Football: competitive
Running: 5.2MPH

Kinda makes sense for the Plyo because a lot of the moves mimic sports-related motion. At my weight (approx. 180#) all of these exercises yield about 13-14 calories per minute. So the Plyo-X workout for me is around 640 calories.

I also Googled "Power Yoga" and at my weight I would burn approximately 630 calories doing Yoga X.

Of course that will all vary by individual (weight, gender, height, intensity, etc.) but should get you in the ballpark.

Hope that helps.
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RE: Question about calories burned during yoga and plyo
9/16/09 2:27 PM as a reply to charliegolf.
The truth is number of calories burned in a workout does not directly correlate to calories consumed. The time and intensity in which you burn your calories more greatly impacts your metabolism than just the number of calories burned.

Insanity for example starts out with 40 minute workouts, but they rev your metabolism up further and faster than nearly any other program. P90X does the same but in a different way.

Think of it this way: If you get on a stationary bike and pedal it as fast as you can for just a few seconds then stop, it will go on for a long time before it winds down, going faster for a longer time than if you get on and pedal at a moderate pace for twice as long then stop.

So how many calories you burn in a specific workout isn't as important as the intensity with which you burn those calories. So don't worry about the specific number, worry about bringing it with all of your ability every time you workout.

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