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Average calorie burn for Insanity?
Average calorie burn for Insanity?
insanity 3 time p90x graduate
8/17/09 7:38 AM
First, LOVE the workout, another fine hit from the Beachbody coach Shaun T. I am also a big fan of Tony Horton (and team - wow).

I know my average calore burn question has significant factors, including current physical state, weight, body fat percentage, etc.

What are my current stats? 39 (tick-tock - Halloween hits 40), 165, 5'11", 12% est. body fat (need better estimator)

My history? Living donor liver transplant recipient January 2006 - I have done a lot of additional working out to get where I am right now, a lot of damage occurred with muscle and fat when the liver failed prior to the transplant.

What have I done? I have been through P90X 3 times and averaged 725 calorie burn per workout. I weighed 180 on start, 167 on end of the last round (finally let the diet part sink in completely). Body fat percent ended around 13.

What am currently doing? I am in Insanity recovery, just after month 1.

What is my current calore burn? I am averaging 500 per Insanity month 1 workout, 700 when Cardio Abs is added. This is a far cry from the 1000 I was hoping for - am I not doing enough or will this be month 2? Or round 2? I just want to find out how others are faring with their burns.

What do I want? I was really hoping to be around 10% body fat or less and smokin' abs by 40 (see above tick-tock - Halloween hits 40) - I am following the diet and doing the workouts as prescribed, trying to follow every word and recall every fitness tip I ever received to make every move quality and achieve the results.

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RE: Average calorie burn for Insanity?
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8/17/09 11:06 AM as a reply to Schulze.
To be honest with you, your calorie burn is far more than what your watch/counter is telling you.

Using all of your leg muscles to the degree insanity does (building and destroying muscle) you're probably burning closer to 1000 calories a workout spread out a few days. Your body burns additional calories as it rebuilds muscle Insanity destroys (making sense?)... Just as it thought it was fixed bam they hit again.

That's what I try to always keep in mind. I usually burn about 1500 calories on days I do insanity then weight train. So in reality I'm burning more like 2k calories plus. That's also why I take days off in between weight training days.

Hope this helps and it's just my opinion... oh and I've heard the 2nd month of Insanity burns even more calories heh.

- Terry Allen
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RE: Average calorie burn for Insanity?
8/18/09 7:50 AM as a reply to Igneus.
Thanks Igneus (Terry Allen) - I am going to try to do weight training 2 days per week during month 2 to get the most out of this - I plan on being able to deliver that 40th birthday present to myself - I appreciate the answer and support!
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