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Recovering from a sciatic nerve pinch: to P90X or not to?
Recovering from a sciatic nerve pinch: to P90X or not to?
back issues nerve pinch sciatic nerve lower back problems
12/28/09 1:16 AM

I started a P90X routine a several months ago, and although it was beginning to shape me, after three weeks I suffered a sciatic nerve pinch. I wasn't sure if P90X caused it, but I don't think it was a complete coincidence. I saw a physical therapist; she told me that exercises with impact from jumping, like those in Plyometrics, are problematic for people with lower back problems. This is what probably lead to the pinch, and unfortunately I had to discontinue my P90X routine for a few months. Now that my back has healed, I want to start the exercises again (obviously, taking out as much impact as I can in plyometrics) but I'm hesitant to do so. Has anyone else experienced lower back problems from P90X, or, anyone with lower back issues have advice? Thanks

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RE: Recovering from a sciatic nerve pinch: to P90X or not to?
12/28/09 7:42 AM as a reply to noel369.
My sciatic pain came from periformis syndrome. I could not stand or walk for any length of time without sciatic pain. I kept doing seated and lying exercises, but avoided plyo and limited standing exersise for at least four months, until it got better.

Here are some of the things I have been doing in the last 16 months to avoid a recurrence. I do plyo and I have also done a slightly modified round of Insanity:

- lots of massage with a rubber ball and/or a electric back massager. Find the sensitive areas and work them. I do this twice a day: on waking up and just before going to bed. You can find details about ball massage by Googling around, but basically you taker the position of the tricep dip from end of Core syn (like table position in Yoga x), then lower your buttock or back areas onto a rubber ball, and roll around. Try crossing one leg over the other and roll the ball under the crossed leg's glute for a different effect.

- glute stretch, twisting back stretch, cat stretch from X stretch, after every workout

- search You tube for Periformis for other good stretches, including a neat one called "nerve flossing"

- 2-4 ibuprofen a day

- heat pad when my back feels tender

- intervals on a stationery bike instead of plyo if back is feeling tender. Interval training is more effective than long slow aerobic and is more like what plyo does

- avoid long walks, which irritate my periformis, unfortunately (probably just a personal problem with posture or gain, but possibly you have similar issues?)
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