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RE: Who said Insanity isn't for beginners?
Who said Insanity isn't for beginners?
insanity beginner
3/22/10 11:22 AM
SO...just finished week 1 of insanity!!!!
well..kind of..

I browsed the forums to see what the general consensus was on the whole 'insanity for beginners' notion, and I got mixed reviews but I decided to go ahead with it anyways! Ordered my vids and got started March 14 emoticon

I've been blessed with a cooperative metabolism but I'll be the first to tell you that I'm by no means active and definitely not healthy whatsoever..and I tried getting into running on the treadmill but it bored me to death after just 3 weeks. So literally I started insanity with zero activity in my life (ie. walking up the stairs at school would leave me out of breath)

The program: I was gasping for breath in the first 10 minutes on day 1 and then I realized it was just the warm-up!! I'll be honest, I cheated A LOT on day 1 because my body just couldn't keep up but Shaun T brought me back for day 2 and I pushed through!! only thing is I woke up with crazy pains in my calves and had to skip day 3's workout and start again the next day!

Maybe this is completely premature but i'm absolutely addicted to insanity and my partner is already noticing a change in my attitude and body, I look forward to my workouts now because every day is a different workout and that pain in my calves is a reminder that my body is changing (and I had bad form, so I slowed down my pace and focused on form instead of speed to avoid injury)

Week 1 was integrating the workout into my life, week 2 I plan on changing my eating habits. I've been so hungry all week!!

just realized how lengthy my post got..sorry..just so excited about INSANITY!!

oh and quick question: my upper body strength is limited,I can't do a proper push up if my life depended on it! any pointers? where are my hands supposed to be positioned to do an effective pushup? I'm trying to do the push ups with variation (on the knees instead of the toes and it's helping) but the push-up jacks is completely out of the question! for now anyways ...
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RE: Who said Insanity isn't for beginners?
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3/22/10 11:41 AM as a reply to Preeto.
That’s great Preeto, way to go! This program is for anyone with the incentive, will power, and lack of sense to try. I just finished my sixth week and like you I was addicted from the start. Fortunately I did work out a good deal prior to starting this program so I didn't get the shrieking muscle pain but I also couldn't keep pace with Shaun T. You are doing everything right, just pace yourself, monitor your heart rate and break when needed. Then prepare to be slammed back into the floor when you start month 2. emoticon

As for the pushups try to mimic Shaun's hand and body position and push for as many as you can get. Don't hold your breath as you will definitely wear down faster (I still have this problem), when you have done all the pushups you can in plank position drop to your knees, keep your body straight and keep doing them. In time you will get more strength and be able to knock out more and more. Another tactic I used in the Army was to put a 10 lb weight in a backpack and do pushups like that. It strengthens you fast.

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RE: Who said Insanity isn't for beginners?
3/22/10 2:13 PM as a reply to Preeto.
Week 2 day 1! done and done!! yayy me!!

and thanks for your advice!! i realized that there's actually an intro video on how to hold a proper plank position and do a push up properly! d'uh! Shaun T's got us all covered! and the weights was a wicked idea (I didnt waste any time lol) .. I have these ankle weights (which i never got to using) so i threw them on my back and went for it.. now the muscles in my arms are shaking..i hope thats normal!

wow..week 6? congrats!! I can't wait to get there although I hear month 2 is intense!

and now that you mention it..i was holding my breath..didn't realize it before..OOPS!

Good luck with the program Sam!
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RE: Who said Insanity isn't for beginners?
6/27/10 1:16 PM as a reply to Preeto.
You must have finished by now... how'd it go? How was the second month?

I'm a true true beginner... breathing heavy in the first five minutes, failing at a single push up, taking tons of breaks when there isn't one, popping tylenol every few hours in an attempt to numb the pain that exists in muscles I didn't even know were there..... and yet I'm still trying to get through Insanity.

I've done the first three days (a huge accomplishment for me, all things considered) and I'm going to keep at it.

I'm one of those "skinny-fat" people, who's a normal weight, looks thin, but is secretly fat and ridiculously out of shape. I'm hoping to build up some more endurance with this program, and maybe tone up a bit. I'm hoping Insanity can help me... even with all the extra breaks I'm taking during the routines.

Did it get any easier for you? (or at least less painful) Did you build up endurance?

I'd be interested to hear your results. I haven't heard about too many real beginners subjecting themselves to Insanity.
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