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Food consumption while doing insanity
Hey ive been doing insanity for a little while now on week three. The first two weeks I was hardcore with the nutrition plan keeping exactly to what the book said weighing and measuring out all my food. To be honest doing all that was harder for me than the actual workout was. Well maybe not but it def. got tough and annoying always measure 1/3 cups and 4oz of chicken here and there. My question is I mainly got this workout to lose my get and get those abs ive always wanted and never had. This past week ive strayed from the nutrition guide amount but keep to the healthy foods. Instead of all the weighing and mesuring out I eye the meals out to what i feel are good amounts and try to keep each meal around 500 calories and eat 4-5 meals a day around 3 hours apart. Mostly for meats I keep the boneless,skinless chicken, occasionaly have a sliced deli turkey sandwhich, everyting else its the cottage cheese, greenbeans, peas, corn, mixed berries, brown rice. Ive gone to eating all this from Inn&out, mc d's, taco bell, etc. every day. Is not sticking to the guide exactly going to keep me from getting those abs I want and crave? Or is the fact that im doing insanity every day sweating buckets to where i cant see gonna make up for not staying to the exact portions. Im still eating all the recomended tier 1&2 foods but not the amounts the guide says to. Just dont want to work out these two months harder than I ever have to not get the results i want due to not eating 5 times a day 300-500 calorie meals.

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RE: Food consumption while doing insanity
5/9/10 4:12 AM as a reply to f00765.

If your target caloric intake for the week is 1500 calories per day (10,500 calories per week), you're doing that by having five 300-calorie meals each day. Even though you are eating more nutritiously, if you are increasing this to five 500-calorie meals per day, you are moving your daily intake to 2500 calories per day and 17,500 calories per week. That's an extra 7000 calories over the course of the week, or the equivalent of two pounds of fat! Having an extra 1000 calories each day would require you to do an extra Insanity workout every single day at a really high level just to compensate for those extra calories.

Now, all this being said, if your energy levels are really hurting at 1500 calories, that amount may just be too low for your level of daily activity combined with what you are introducing from Insanity. You should use the formulas provided in the nutrition guide to decide a baseline and work from there, but 1000 calories extra per day is probably overkill and likely going to make it much harder for you to get the end results you want. Note that Insanity is a relatively short program, so dropping to a low intake during it, while difficult, is not going to be harmful to your health providing that you are eating nutritiously, which it sounds like you are. After the program is complete, you will probably want to get back on a higher intake and do a program like P90X for some hypertrophy before switching back to Insanity or a similar high-intensity cardio program for more fat loss.

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