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Rachel B.
Age: 30
Gender: Female
State: Washington
Primary Program: Shakeology® - The Workouts
Supplement: Shakeology®, Whey Protein Powder
My Stats
Before AFTER
Dress/Pants Size306
Right Arm2111
Left Arm2011.5
Right Thigh2621
Left Thigh26.520.5
Blood Pressure170/70110/60
as-of 03/21/2012
Rachel B.
Lost 112 LBS and lost 10" off her waist!
I am so proud of all the inches of fat I have lost . . . of the energy and endurance I have . . . of how healthy I feel. Using Shakeology means I am honoring my body and it shows.
What Rachel B. won:
Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body? * About 18 months ago, I broke my wrist. I was in a immobilizer cast so that I couldn't use my wrist or elbow of my right hand, and I'm right handed. My activity level dropped and I started gaining weight. Then I became pregnant and with the combination of pregnancy and an immobilized arm, I gained even more weight. A lot of weight. 150 lb of weight. After I had my baby, I felt awful - in every way. I was sick. I was in pain. I developed non-alcoholic steatohepatitis which is liver inflammation from having fatty liver. I ended up having to have my gallbladder taken out because my liver was so full of fat, it couldn't function properly and started to back up. Blood work showed was prediabetic. Worse than the physical health, though, was the fact that I was depressed. I just had a baby and I couldn't even enjoy him because I was so ashamed of myself. None of my clothes fit. I wore maternity clothes because size 30 was too tight and I was too ashamed to buy bigger pants.
What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey? * My inspiration to change my life came from my son and the reality that if I continued the way I was going, I wasn't going to be around for him. Even if I was, I wasn't healthy enough to take proper care of him because I was in pain all the time and I fatigued so quickly due to all the excess weight I was carrying. Also, I wanted to be a healthy role model and teach him good behaviors like taking proper care of himself. There was no way I could model that when I couldn't even take care of myself. I knew that as he grew up, he'd want a mommy who could play with him and a mommy he wasn't embarrassed of. He needs a mommy who can be there for him and keep up with him. So, I tossed the cookies and potato chips and made a commitment to myself that I was going to turn things around and never EVER again get back to that place.
Why did you choose this particular program? * When I first logged into the Team Beachbody messageboards, everyone was raving about Shakeology and how healthy it made them feel. How it changed their lives and their health. People were saying that its use lowered their cholesterol and blood sugar. I was tentative at first, because of the price but I weighed it out and realized that I was paying for one month's worth of meals at once so really, it wasn't that expensive and I had no reason to not try it other than the excuses I was making to myself.
What in particular did you like about the program you chose? * I love how versatile Shakeology is. I can use it as my breakfast - adding some berries or almond butter to it and it keeps me fueled and energized for a few hours. I can use it as damage control - blend it with a frozen banana and some almond butter and vanilla extract and you can turn it into chocolate ice cream which is perfect for me when I have that late night sweet craving. It taught me how to use willpower - it takes a lot of willpower to make the choice, no thank you. I would not like to have a piece of cake, I will have a shake instead. It was the beginning of learning to use willpower for me.
Tell us about the greatest challenge you faced. How did you overcome that challenge? * Emotional eating has always been a hard challenge for me. I can be right on the ball all day and eat perfectly cleanly but should something stressful arise, I comfort it with food. When I've had a hard busy day, I relax and unwind with food. With P90X and Turbo Fire, my metabolism was very revved up high which was wonderful, but it made fighting the willpower battle even harder. Shakeology made it easier - I had a healthy option I could turn to in case I did lose the battle of fighting myself from getting to the fridge and I didn't need to feel guilty about using it. In fact, as soon as I started making a pattern out of making healthy choices like that, I started feeling better about myself and even liking myself. I wasn't living in perpetual self-loathing and guilt. I could let it go because I knew I was feeding my body actual food it could use.
Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of? * I am so proud of all the inches of fat I have lost on my body. I am so proud of the energy and endurance I have. Of how healthy I feel. I am so proud that I have learned how to eat real foods and lose weight without dieting. And most of all, I am so proud of how strong my willpower and mental fitness has become because really - we are what we tell ourselves and how we treat ourselves. Using Shakeology means I am honoring my body and it shows.
How did your TeamBeachbody Coach supported you on your journey? I used Shakeology every morning for my breakfast. It was a great boost of energy to start my day with and I also feel like it really helped to fuel my workouts, since I would normally push play within an hour of drinking it. It even kept me satisfied after working out, sometimes up until lunch though I try to eat more often than that. It was also great for damage control. I live with a sweet tooth. My husband loves to go to the store for late night desserts. When he was munching on cake, I'd break out my Shakeology. If I didn't feel like drinking a shake, I'd blend it with some vanilla extract and an avocado and make some pudding, No matter how I had it, helped me be able to say no to temptations that could really put me off track and it helped me gain willpower to be able to pass on those tempting sweets. LOL - I already typed all of this before. :)
How did Shakeology support your transformation ? What are the biggest benefits ? The messageboards - finding groups of people who struggle with the same things I struggle with to support me and motivated has been awesome. I have made such amazing friends here on the TBB messageboards. I really don't think I would still be this dedicated if it wasn't for the ladies in my P-P-P-Pump It Up! thread and Team Athena thread. It's like the saying, "it takes a village." It does! If you don't have the support to stay on track, it's too hard. There are too many outside forces that bring people down. Friends that don't want you to succeed. Family members who get hurt when you don't eat their cooking because they don't know better. Well, the great people here on TBB make up for that and make you feel that you are not alone in this journey.
What tips or tools on did you find most useful ? What made them so instrumental ? Yes
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