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My Coach FAQ


How do I get a Coach?

When you join the Team Beachbody Club (or sign up for a free membership), purchase a product from the Team Beachbody store, or become a Coach yourself, you’ll automatically be assigned your own Coach to help you achieve your goals.

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What will my Coach do for me?

Your Coach is there to support you and keep you motivated on your journey toward a healthier and happier life. He or she will offer you support, and may also help you set up your Team Beachbody profile, schedule your workouts, decide which fitness products you need, determine what to do after you’ve completed a program, and answer other questions you may have about getting fit with Team Beachbody. And if you join the Coach Opportunity, your Coach will be available to support you in building your business.

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How do I contact my Coach?

Go to My Coach to see your Coach's profile, then send a message through the Message Center. If you became a member after was upgraded, your Coach will also be your first Workout Buddy. Depending on what method you used to purchase your membership, you may also receive a Welcome email containing your Coach's personal email address.

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Can I choose a Coach, or is one automatically selected for me?

If you’re new to Team Beachbody, a Coach will automatically be selected for you. If you were referred to Team Beachbody by a particular Coach, you should go to his or her website to complete your registration. That will ensure that person is assigned as your Coach. (You can also look up a particular Coach when you sign up here, and enter his or her screen name, email address, or Coach I.D.# in the form.)

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When should I contact Beachbody customer service instead of my Coach?

Your Coach can help you with questions you may have about using your Beachbody products, getting fit, or being a Coach yourself. But for specific customer issues such as order status, shipping, or billing, you can also contact customer service directly at 1-800-470-7870 or by email at

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Apart from my Coach, where else can I get information on weight loss, fitness, and getting the most from my Beachbody products?

Team Beachbody is full of options for fitness and weight loss advice, starting with personalized workout and diet plans that are designed just for you. You’ll have access to our Message Boards, where knowledgeable Fitness Advisors, Trainers, Coaches, and other Team Beachbody members all frequently give advice—just search for the information you need, or post your own questions. You’ll also find lots of expert help in the Trainers’ Corners, and lots more informative articles, tips, and videos throughout the site. And you can even ask for advice directly from the Trainers who created your favorite workout DVDs when they participate in our regular Web chats.

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Can my Coach help me become a Coach myself?

Absolutely! Becoming a Coach can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Ask your Coach for help, or go here for more information about the Coach Business Opportunity.

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