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WOWY (“Work Out With You”) SuperGym™ is your interactive, online health club. This is where you can plan and track your workouts, use helpful and motivational tools, keep in touch with Workout Groups and Buddies who share your goals and interests, and chat with others for advice and inspiration.

SuperGym's features are easy to use, but if there's something you're uncertain about, you'll find the answer in this FAQ. (You can also find a simple tutorial on planning your workouts in SuperGym here.) If you have further questions, or want information about the other benefits of your Team Beachbody membership, please click on "Help" and read the other FAQs and guides. You can also e-mail your Coach, or click on "Contact Us" to ask a question.


How do I find WOWY SuperGym on the site?

When you log in to your Team Beachbody account, you should be taken directly to your personal home page, which includes your SuperGym workout calendar and scheduler. Otherwise, simply click on "Get Fit" at the top of the page, and select "SuperGym" from the drop-down menu.

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Why is WOWY now called WOWY SuperGym?

We've redesigned and updated all of Team Beachbody—including WOWY, now known as WOWY SuperGym—to give you more helpful, motivational features and to make the site even easier to use. And everything you always loved about WOWY is still here. If you're having trouble finding one of your favorite features, consult the Site Map.

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How do I create and edit my profile?

You'll be asked to create a profile when you first become a member of Team Beachbody. If you want to add to it or change it later, click on "Edit Profile" at the top left of the page.

Here's how to enter your information in each step:

Add basic information: Choose a screen name for yourself (it'll need to be one that isn't already in use). Enter your birthdate, your gender, your home time zone, and a brief biography that lets others know a little bit about your life, your goals, and what you'd like to get from your fitness program. (You can make your personal details visible to other members or keep them private.)

Add progress and goals: Enter your main goal (of course, it doesn't have to be your only one), as well as the date of your first WOWY SuperGym workout, your Transformation Story (which you can add to as you progress), and whether you'll be measuring yourself in Imperial or metric units (it's most likely to be Imperial—i.e., pounds and inches). (If you want to change any of this data in the future, click "edit.")

Now, fill in as many of your current physical statistics as you can. (For help in determining your current fitness level, take the WOWY SuperGym Fitness Test, or the more extensive P90X® Fit Test.) This is very important—keeping track of your improvement from week to week is a major factor in staying motivated to succeed!

Next, add your projected goals for each category. (You can always change these later—as you become more fit, you may realize you have even more potential for improvement than you thought.)

Once you've filled in some categories, you'll see spaces in the chart to add your new statistics on a regular basis.  Every two weeks or so (or less often for slow-changing figures such as cholesterol), you can measure, weigh, or test yourself again and add the new numbers.

Choose one measurement —"Weight" is the most popular—in "default graph view." This will become the Progress Tracker displayed on your dashboard at the top of the site.

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How do I select my programs?

My Meal Plan: This will display the meal plan you've selected. If you haven't chosen one yet, click on "Set Up Your Meal Plan Now" to go to Meal Plans. Read the descriptions of the Balanced Plan, the Low-Carb Plan, and the Active Lifestyle Plan to see the requirements and benefits of each. (They're all available with vegetarian food options, too.) Or you can choose Custom Meal Plans to create a whole new plan based on your personal goals and requirements.

Workout Programs: Check off the Team Beachbody DVD fitness programs you own in the Programs Library. Choose one as your primary program—if you own two or more, it'll be the program you intend to use most. (If you don't have a program yet, you can click on "Shop" in the top toolbar to purchase one with your Club member discount. Or go here to find the program that's best for your needs.)

Activities: Use this to add other physical activities you participate in, such as running, swimming, or bicycling, to your WOWY SuperGym workout choices. If you'd like, you can also designate one of these activities as your primary program.

Gear: Select any Team Beachbody workout equipment you own. (Click on "Shop" in the top toolbar to purchase gear with your Club member discount.)

Supplements: Select any Team Beachbody nutritional supplements or workout recovery formulas you use. (Click on "Shop" in the top toolbar to purchase supplements with your Club member discount.)

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How do I upload my photos?

In any section of the Photos page of your profile, click on "browse" to locate a photo on your computer and upload it to the site.

Photos must be in JPEG format and no larger than 750k in size in order to upload correctly. Body-revealing clothes are allowed, but nudity is not; any photos considered inappropriate are subject to removal.

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What photos do I need?

You should have the following:

A profile photo: This is the photo that others will see in association with your profile, and that will appear in the WOWY SuperGym when you’re working out. It can be just a head shot or a full-body shot.

Progress photo: Before: This is a full-body photo that shows your physical condition at the start of the program, so you’ll have a visual record of your transformation over time.

Progress photo: Current: Every 30 days or so, upload a new full-body photo in order to keep track of how much you’re improving.

My Photo Gallery: You can now add up to 20 extra photos to your gallery in order to show off your new-and-improved body (or for any reason you want). Click on any photo to edit the title, or to delete.

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How do I plan my workouts in WOWY SuperGym?

SuperGym makes it easy to plan and track your workouts, so you'll never miss another exercise session. Just click on any day in the Workout Calendar to schedule a future workout. You can also select “Work Out Now” to start immediately, or click on "Add a Past Workout" to enter information about a workout you’ve already done.

You can schedule a particular routine from your Team Beachbody workout program, or choose from a variety of other activities. If you can’t find the program or activity you’re looking for, click “Update your program library” to go to your Programs profile page and add new ones. (You can also choose a default workout in “Quick Workout Settings" to use with the One-Click Workout feature.)

Once you've chosen your date, program, and routine, click "Continue" and you'll be taken to Step 2. Then you can choose the time you want to start working out, and how often you want the same workout to repeat (if you'll be doing it regularly). You can also choose Buddies to work out at the same time. Select any Buddies on your list to send a Workout Invitation (if you want, you can include a brief message).

When that's done, click "Continue" again to move on to Step 3, which is your Confirmation. Check to make sure all the information is correct. If not, click "Edit" to make changes; otherwise, click "Save" and you're done.

For step-by-step instruction, see the WOWY SuperGym workout-planning tutorial here.

Of course, you can also join Buddies in their workouts by accepting Workout Invitations from them. It's now possible to accept more than one Workout Invitation scheduled for the same time.

At the beginning of each day, take a quick look at the dashboard at the top of your screen to see if you have a workout scheduled. Then view "My workouts" on your SuperGym home page to see the time and details.

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How do I add an entire program's workout schedule to my calendar automatically?

If you'd like to enter your entire program into your Workout Calendar at once, use Auto-Schedule. Go to WOWY SuperGym® and click on "Auto-Schedule" in the left column. You'll see preset schedules for the programs you've added to your library. Select the one you want to follow. Then choose the day you'd like to start, the time of day you usually work out, and where you currently are in your program. Your calendar will automatically be populated with each day's workout.

You'll also find some alternate workout schedules, which can be useful if you're doing a second round of a program or have a specific goal in mind. Some of these are official alternatives created by the program's Trainer, while others were devised by Team Beachbody® members looking to experiment. (If you find these useful, let us know in the Message Boards.)

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How do I start a workout?

If you have a workout scheduled, it will show up in "My workouts" in your SuperGym home page. Click "Start now" when it's time to start.

If you're ready to start a workout but don't have one scheduled, click "Work Out Now" to begin right away.

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How do I use One-Click Workout?

One-Click Workout is the fastest and easiest way to start an exercise session. Simply select a program and routine from the drop-down menus and click "Start now." If the program you're looking for isn't in the menu, click "Edit workout preferences" to go to the Programs page in your profile and add it to your Library. Under "Quick Workout Settings" on the same page, you can select a program in your Library as your default workout, which means the next time you use One-Click Workout you'll choose that program automatically.

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What is “SuperGym Time”?

To make it easier for you to coordinate with members in different time zones, we’ve designated a single SuperGym Time, which is Pacific Time (based on the location of Team Beachbody’s offices). In order to schedule your workouts, you'll also see your local time, which is based on the time zone you entered into your profile.

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How do I join a Workout Group?

Being part of a Workout Group is a great way to connect with other members who share your goals and interests. When you're in WOWY SuperGym, click on "Workout Groups" in the left navigation column. You'll see Featured Groups, Newest Groups and Most Active Groups, or you can search groups by keyword. Click "join" on any group you'd like (or more than one).

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How do I create my own Workout Group?

You can start a group based on almost anything you want—your location, your goals, your workout program, or other activities or interests. Simply fill out the form, complete with a title and description for your group, any workouts or activities the group will be doing, and any keywords that might help other members find it. Your group will be screened by an administrator to avoid any inappropriate content, and should be approved 1-2 business days after you’ve submitted it.

Once you’ve created your group, you can message other members and invite them to join it.

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How do I get Buddies?

Buddies are friends you work out with and communicate with. When you schedule a workout, you can automatically invite them to join you. You can also message back and forth to share information and inspiration.

To find new Buddies, view the Member Gallery, or search by keyword. When you go to someone's profile page, click "Add as a Buddy," and they'll be sent an invitation message. (When another member invites you to become a Buddy, the invitation will show up in your dashboard.)

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How can I tell who else is working out in SuperGym when I am?

Go to the box that says "Who's Working Out Now?" and click on "See All."

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How do I send and receive messages?

Go to "Message Center" in the Connect drop-down menu or left navigation column. Click on "Compose new message" and fill out the form, using the simple word-processing software. The message will be sent from your Team Beachbody user name.

To see messages (or Buddy requests) you've received, click "View inbox" or "View notifications."

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How do I join the Cooldown Chat Room?

Just click on the link in your personal home page after a workout, and it’ll take you there.

If you get a message saying “You will need a Java-enabled browser,” your computer is missing necessary software. Click on the link in that message to download it, or view your browser's instructions to enable it.

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How do I write in my Blog?

Go to the "Blog" page in the "Edit Profile" drop-down menu. Then click "Add Blog Entry" to write a post using the simple word-processing software. (Don't forget to give it a title.) You can add tags (words or phrases that help others find your post through a search), either of your own choosing or from a preselected list. Then click "Save."

If you want to change any entries after they're posted, click "Edit."

You can write about your workout, your meal plan, or anything else that will help you keep track of your progress, along with anything you'd like other members to know.

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Can other members read my Blog entries?

Yes. While the "Diary" feature on the old Team Beachbody site was private, your Blog posts are public and can be read by others. This allows you share your ideas with the entire Team Beachbody community—and to gain accountability by letting others know your fitness goals.

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How do I post and read messages on the Message Board?

Browse the boards or use the "Search" function to find any threads that interest you. You'll find posts written by Trainers and experts, as well as fellow members.

To start a new discussion or ask for advice, click "Post New Thread." To add to an ongoing thread, go to a post and click "Reply."

Unlike on the old, you don't have to log in to the Message Boards separately. Your Team Beachbody screen name will also be your Message Board screen name.

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How do I use the Fitness Tracker?

Just enter all your fitness stats in the Progress and Goals section of your profile, and you'll be able to track your progress. The statistic you choose for "Default Graph View" is the one that will appear in your Goal Tracker at the top of the page.

We recommend updating your information at least every month to get the maximum benefit from this tool.

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How do I use the Target Heart Rate Calculator?

Simply enter your age and gender, and you'll be given a range of heart rates that are ideal for various purposes during a workout. (To find out more about how to use these numbers, click on "Learn About Target Heart Rate" above the calculator.)

A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to use this tool.

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How do I use the Body Fat Calculator?

By entering a few statistics about yourself, you can get an approximation of your body's fat percentage. (This is a better indicator of how much fat you need to lose than just knowing your weight.) Based on these numbers, or by entering information from a body fat monitor, you can see how close you are to your ideal. (To find out more about what these numbers mean, click on "Learn more about body fat" above the calculator.)

A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to use this tool.

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How do I use the Healthy Weight Calculator?

This is a tool for determining your Body Mass Index (BMI), a measurement used by health organizations to determine whether or not you're at an ideal weight. All you have to do is enter your height and weight to find out your BMI. The results are helpful for most people, but not for those who are pregnant or who have a higher-than-average amount of muscle mass. (To find out more about what this number means, click on "Learn more about BMI" above the calculator.)

A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to use this tool.

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How do I use the Caloric Needs Calculator?

By entering a few personal stats as well as information about your activity levels, you'll get a rough estimate of your rate of metabolism—that is, the number of calories you need to take in every day to maintain your current weight. Knowing this will help you eat fewer calories, and burn more off with exercise, thereby losing weight. (To find out more about what these numbers mean, click on "Learn more about caloric needs" above the calculator.)

A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to use this tool.

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How do I use the other features of my Team Beachbody membership?

Please see the Team Beachbody Club User's Guide.


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