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Medford, NJ
Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm a Team Beachbody Diamond Coach. I'm married to my best friend (15 years!!) and I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom of 4 (3 boys & 1 girl) beautiful, healthy kids! They go from middle school to preschool :)

I always email my members to introduce myself when they first sign up & periodically I will email you to check in. If you don't hear
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When I was young, I never had to watch what I ate. I was one of those naturally thin people. I used to hate being so skinny compared to the other girls. So I started working out with weights to try More ...
When I was young, I never had to watch what I ate. I was one of those naturally thin people. I used to hate being so skinny compared to the other girls. So I started working out with weights to try and gain weight. As an adult I noticed that I could no longer eat what wanted without gaining weight. What a shocker. So working out morphed into maintaining my weight instead of gaining it.

I got pregnant and credit exercise for maintaining a healthy weight gain during my pregnancy and being able to take off the weight soon after. But 5 months after giving birth to our first son, I found out I was pregnant again. I didn't find the time to exercise. I wound up gaining more weight than my last pregnancy and I was miserable. After my second son came along I was very happy to have two healthy babies, but I was totally unhappy with how much weight I needed to lose now.

For two years I struggled to find the right balance of exercise and diet to get to my healthy and happy weight.

Finally I found the right combo of exercise and nutrition that worked at that time. I was so excited and had learned so much that I wanted to share my passion with others. So in 2004 I became a Pilates Instructor, then a fitness instructor and a personal trainer.

Two more babies later and now I am a mom of 4 really cute kids. They are ages 12, 11, 6 and 4.

For a while, I got my exercise from teaching various fitness classes, but it became more difficult to teach classes in the evenings. My husband works a lot of overtime, so it was hard to get a sitter while I would go teach. My workouts dwindled down to 2 per week.

Enter Beachbody and P90X. I had always seen the commercials for P90X and thought it looked like a good program and was very similar to things I taught in class or to my private clients. I was starting to become depressed with the long winter, not working out as much and then the eating started to get bad. In Feb 2010 I decided to give P90X a try. Wow! I really wish I had tried it a lot sooner. It was like getting my pwn personal trainer and nutritionist in a box.

I've finished P90X 3 times, Insanity 2 times, Brazil Butt lift twice, Asylum 2 times. Then moved on to Les Mills Pump and did that 1-1/2 times. And am doing Chalean Extreme now. Plus I've added in running at least 3 times per week. All of the Beachbody workouts and supplements that I have tried and use are awesome. My husband and I completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset in May and I lost a total of 10 lbs and since become an all p,ant-based eater. People always ask me where I get my protein!! Trust me, it can be done!,

I exercise to keep myself healthy, have energy to keep up with 4 kids and run my own home business as a Team Beachbody Coach. I also recently lost an aunt to complications from high blood pressure. I also found out that most of my father's side of the family has problems with high blood pressure and cholesterol. So working out has really become a top priority for me.

team Beahbody has really helped my family and I lead healthier and happier lives!

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Your current meal plan is: Low-Carb Express at 1300 calories.
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