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Scott S.
Edad: 43
Género: Male
Estado/Provincia: Georgia
Programa Principal: INSANITY®
Suplementos: Shakeology®, Meal Replacement Shake, P90X® Peak Health Formula, P90X® Results and Recovery Formula, Strength & Muscle Men's Formula
Mis Estadísticas
Brazo Derecho1614.5
Brazo Izquierdo1614.5
Muslo Derecho2421.25
Muslo Izquierdo2421.25
Grasa Corporal %26.813.3
Presión arterial179/103135/68
Desde 2011-09-09 16:04:35.0
Scott S.
Scott S. lost 67 LBS and 9.5" off his waist!
"Shakeology works!! In the past year since embarking on my transformation my blood pressure dropped from 179/103 to 135/68, my cholesterol dropped from 245 to 141 . . . Shakeology has helped save my life!"
Lo que ganó Scott S.:
Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu vida antes de comenzar el programa. ¿Cómo te sentías contigo mismo y con tu cuerpo? Growing up I never really had a problem with gaining weight. I was active in sports throughout high school and joined the Army immediately upon graduation. My early years in the Army were just as active as high school. I attended Army airborne training and air assault school, two very rigorous and physically demanding schools. I then spent 10 of my first 16 years in the Army at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; home of the Airborne!! With five-day a week physical training at Fort Bragg my health and fitness were at what I thought was their peak condition. It wasn’t until my last 8 years in the Army that I began to struggle with my weight and fitness. I moved from Fort Bragg to Fort Hood, Texas in July of 2001; shortly before the attacks of September 11th. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks my unit began ramping up for a possible deployment and we spent numerous months performing field training exercises in perpetration; culminating with our deployment to Iraq in early 2004.
¿Qué te motivó a cambiar tu vida y comenzar tu experiencia de transformación? In February 2010, my body was finally feeling the full effects of 42 years of hard living and unhealthy choices; but I hadn’t realized how bad it had deteriorated until I went in for my annual physical at the Veterans Affairs medical center. My doctor told me that I was borderline obese, had dangerously high cholesterol levels, and increasingly high blood pressure. As if that wasn’t enough, they also thought that my drastic weight gain had led to sleep apnea and I underwent a sleep study; which fortunately was negative. As I was leaving the doctor’s office I realized that I had to make changes in my health and fitness or I would be leaving my wife, who had stood by me throughout my military career, as a widow following just years into my retirement. I decided then and there that I was going to start working out, get back in shape, and regain my health and fitness.
¿Qué cosa en particular te gustó del programa que elegiste? What I like about P90X was that I could to the workouts at home, on my schedule, and at my pace; things that were very imporant to me in the early stages of my journey. I also liked the concept of "muscle confusion" as it gave my body a hard workout yet allowes ample time between body parts for recovery. I also liked that the P90X required minimal equipment and could even be done with the strength bands. I really liked how Tony Horton seemed as if he was speaking directly to me during the workouts and being able to modify the moves as necessary while I was rehabilitating my shoulder injury. Yoga has given me complete range of motion back in my shoulders; something even my surgeon said wouldn't be possible.
Cuéntanos cuál fue el mayor desafío que tuviste que enfrentar. ¿Cómo lo superaste? My biggest challenges were recovering from surgery and my poor nutrition. While review the nutrition guide I was in utter disbelief; there was no way I could come close to following this guide. I was drinking 6-12 Diet-Pepsi per day and eating a half-gallon of ice cream about every 2-3 days. I put the nutrition guide away and reviewed the DVDs. I quickly realized that I would be doing all of the modified routines and set my goal to stick with the program for 90 day to see what it would do. It was at the end of one of the DVDs that I saw an advertisement for Shakeology, which showed all the fruits, vegetables and nutrients you would have to eat to equal one shake and I decided if I was going to try P90X I need to “go all in” and follow the nutrition plan too. I ordered Shakeology and stopped drinking soda and eating ice cream for the 90 days. So armed with proper nutrition tools and a set of modified moves for just about every exercise I started off on my 90-day journey.
Describe los resultados que obtuviste con tu programa de Beachbody®. ¿De qué logros estás orgulloso? After the first 90 days I had lost 52 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, and 9% body fat; but just as important, I didn’t want to go back to my unhealthy decisions. What had started as a 90-day transformation was now a lifelong transformation; there was no turning back now. I have now lost a total of 67 pounds, 10 inches off my waist, 12.6% body fat; however, my transformation is about so much more than the numbers. I am healthier and fitter now than I was at any point in my life. My flexibility, balance and coordination are at levels I had never seen and I now make smart nutritional decisions a priority. My journey with P90X has also made me a happier person and better husband and father. Not having the excess weight, high cholesterol and blood pressure and being able to sleep again have in the words of my wife, “given her husband back”. I am a completely different person today than I was in May 2010 and it’s all because of health and fitness I have gained through P90X.
¿Te gustaría nominar a tu Entrenador de Team Beachbody® por la función que él o ella ha desempeñado en tu éxito? My coach Emily inspired me, motivated me, and ensured me that I would be able to complete the program as long as I didn’t quit. That seems like simple enough advice unless you’re on day two and have just finished Plyometrics at which point all logical thinking has stopped; but Emily was there to reassure me and keep me on track. Throughout my entire transformation and actually long before that she had been my rock and my inspiration; had it not been for the thoughts of leaving her as a widow when I was leaving the VA office I may never have started the journey in the first place. I would like to thank Emily for her support to not only me but all the customers and coaches that she is helping regain their health and fitness. It is coaches like her that help make 90X so successful because people like me wouldn’t be able to make it through without their mentorship and encouragement.
¿Cómo te ayudó Shakeology® con tu transformación? ¿Cuáles fueron los mayores beneficios? Shakeology has completely changed my health. In May 2011, my annual visit to the doctor scientifically reaffirmed what I already knew; Shakeology works!! In the past year since embarking on my transformation my blood pressure dropped from 179/103 to 135/68, my cholesterol dropped from 245 to 141, my HDL (good cholesterol) rose from 46 to 64, and my LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 135 to 64. Shakeology has helped save my life! I no longer have cravings and give in to "binge eating" and I have energy throughout the day as the low glycemic rating of Shakeology has stabilized my blood sugars.
¿Qué herramientas y consejos de TeamBeachbody.com te fueron mas útiles? ¿Qué hizo que te sirvieran tanto? One of the most beneficial aspects ot TeamBeachbody.com has been the accountability that WOWY provides. Using WOWY every day allows me to schedule my workouts in advance and track my progress and has helped me remain accountable to myself. The MyMealPlanner has also been very beneficial as it helps me design my weekly meal plans in advance giving me a variety of healthy options to choose from and ensure that I don't exceed the recommend calories. TeamBeachbody.com is one of the first websites I open each morning to focus my nutrition and fitness for the day and one of the last I close each evening as I ensure I have entered my daily accountability information.
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