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Michelle C.
Edad: 33
Género: Female
Estado/Provincia: Maryland
Programa Principal: TurboFire®
Suplementos: Shakeology®, Performance Formula
Mis Estadísticas
Talla de vestido/Talla de Pantalon2410
Brazo Derecho1611
Brazo Izquierdo1611
Muslo Derecho2822
Muslo Izquierdo2822
Grasa Corporal %25
Presión arterial180/125120/75
Desde 11/17/2011
Michelle C.
Lost 127 LBS and 17" off hips in 20 months
For the first time in all my 33 years, I feel like I am living life, and not watching it pass me by!
Lo que ganó Michelle C.:
Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu vida antes de comenzar el programa. ¿Cómo te sentías contigo mismo y con tu cuerpo? I have been overweight since I was 13 years old. Most of my adult life I have been around 220-240, and I have never felt good about myself, my body, or just healthy or happy in general. I reached 300 lbs during my pregnancy, and after delivering my twins 24 months ago I was 270 lbs, my hips were severely injured, and I had no energy, and felt horrible. I was very unhappy, scared for my health, and afraid I would be unable to play with my children.
¿Qué te motivó a cambiar tu vida y comenzar tu experiencia de transformación? Not being able to walk up the stairs, or get down on the ground to change my children was a real eye opener for me. Even when I was heavy, I had still been active. I couldn't do anything at 270 lbs, and it made everything in my life more challenging. I had high cholesterol, was on meds for my BP, and I was borderline diabetic. I had to lose 80 lbs before I could even exercise regularly, because I had done so much damage to my body from being so heavy.
¿Qué cosa en particular te gustó del programa que elegiste? The energy and enthusiasm of the trainers and people in the dvds, as well as the workouts being fun, and feeling different right away : )
Cuéntanos cuál fue el mayor desafío que tuviste que enfrentar. ¿Cómo lo superaste? Turbo Fire was a HUGE challenge for me. I don't feel like I am able to dance, follow instruction, or do cardio routines, so I was a bit nervous. But the program has a great breakdown, and it's fun! Currently, Insanity is very challenging! I am over coming it by just doing it!
Describe los resultados que obtuviste con tu programa de Beachbody®. ¿De qué logros estás orgulloso? Feeling amazing every single day, and waking up knowing I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been, and knowing that every single day I will be even better then the day before! I have lost a total of 125 lbs in 20 months, and my body feels tight, toned, and I just feel SO amazing. All my problems seem so small now that I am healthy. For the first time in all my 33 years, I feel like I am living life, and not watching it pass me by! I pretty much feel like I can handle anything, and do it with a smile, because at the end of the day, I am healthy, and I look better then I ever have!
¿Te gustaría nominar a tu Entrenador de Team Beachbody® por la función que él o ella ha desempeñado en tu éxito? I would like to nominate my coach, but I signed up under my husband, and he is the one listed, but NOT the one who has been my coach. My coach is Tami Nicholson, and she has been amazing! She has offered support, is always available, always ready to trouble shoot problems, and she checks in, sees how I am, and keeps me and others involved by doing challenges, and introducing us to all the programs, products, and others on the same journey. She has been AMAZING! : ) Feel very blessed to have met her, and to be a part of this community! : )
¿Cómo te ayudó Shakeology® con tu transformación? ¿Cuáles fueron los mayores beneficios? I love shakeology, and I notice a difference in my health overall, as well as my energy, my hair, and my fingernails. Unfortunately, I am allergic to something in it, and my skin is a mess when I am on it, aside from a few other minor side effects, but overall the good outweighs the bad, and I still take it.
¿Qué herramientas y consejos de TeamBeachbody.com te fueron mas útiles? ¿Qué hizo que te sirvieran tanto? I find everything offered at Beachbody.com and within the Beachbody community to be amazing tools, and really helpful to anyone just starting out. I am a stay at home mom, I have no friends into fitness, and I was worried about getting started, especially since I am not a gym girl. But I was able to work out in the comfort of my own home, and know that everything I needed was just a click away. GREAT company, and amazing programs! : )
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