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Mindy I.
Edad: 37
Género: Female
Estado/Provincia: Indiana
Programa Principal: Shakeology® - The Workouts
Suplementos: Shakeology®
Mis Estadísticas
Talla de vestido/Talla de Pantalon162
Grasa Corporal %2916
Presión arterial120/80120/80
Desde 02/07/2012
Mindy I.
Lost 92 LBS and body fat dropped from 29% to 16%!
Shakeology over time was just what my body and journey needed . . . I've used it now everyday for nearly 23 months and love, love, love it! It's been a HUGE part of my 92-pound weight loss!
Lo que ganó Mindy I.:
Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu vida antes de comenzar el programa. ¿Cómo te sentías contigo mismo y con tu cuerpo? I had four kids and one miscarriage in six years time. At the birth of my last baby, I found myself 100 pounds heavier than I was in high school. My mindset during my pregnancies was, "Eat what you want now and worry about it later." And that I did and never exercised while pregnant. When later showed up, I was depressed, overwhelmed, at rock bottom, and knew I had no where to go but up! I was always active in my childhood and early 20s, but once I got married and started having kids, my health and fitness was no longer a priority. I finally caught that mistake and realized that I did not want to set up a lifestyle of poor habits, but rather a lifestyle of being active, making good food choices, and being a great model of health and balance for my children and those around me.
¿Qué te motivó a cambiar tu vida y comenzar tu experiencia de transformación? I wanted to get Me back! I came up with the life mantra of "Take care of you so you can take care of others." With 4 kids ages 6 and under and a Real Estate business to run, I had to be well and balanced inside and out. For me, there was no other choice but to get healthy again! I cut out all the excuses and got onto the path of focusing on me for a change!
¿Qué cosa en particular te gustó del programa que elegiste? It's easy! It comes to my door on monthly autoship and there are so many great options for making it a great start to my day! It gives me the chance to also tell others about the product and how it's worked for me. I learned early as a Beachbody Coach that I needed to be a product of the product and that I feel is exactly what I've done!
Cuéntanos cuál fue el mayor desafío que tuviste que enfrentar. ¿Cómo lo superaste? I hit two major plateaus in my journey. I really wanted to throw in the towel and just give up, but that was only going to get me back to where I started. I had to push through and take a good hard look at what I was doing that was keeping me in that stalled spot. Each time I had to analyze my diet and fuel choices and take it to the next level. What was I eating or doing that was keeping me stalled? I had to own it and then cut those items out of my diet. No excuses! Additionally, I had to get educated to make sure I was doing the proper routine of strength and cardio to give my body exactly what it needed. I had to learn to start working smarter, not harder. Any time I want greater results, I just keep taking it up a notch and readjusting my goals in order to take me to the next level!
Describe los resultados que obtuviste con tu programa de Beachbody®. ¿De qué logros estás orgulloso? I have lost 92 pounds since October 2009. I am now a size 2 with about 16% body fat. I have transformed my body to basically look and feel like a new person! Additionally, I started a fitness site called the Fit Gal Club (www.fitgalclub.com) that offers accountability and motivation for others on their journey. It's my way of giving back to others the treasures that I've found! I've gotten such great results using Shakeology and keeping on my plan that I'm taking this former 225-pound body and setting a lofty goal to start training for figure competitions. I want to be the face of those other Moms out there who "let themselves go", but got a hold of it and got themselves back! I'm most proud of the fact that I've set a good model of health and fitness for my family. My children see me making myself a priority and know it's just a part of who we are and the lifestyle we chose to live. That right there is my biggest achievement yet!!
¿Te gustaría nominar a tu Entrenador de Team Beachbody® por la función que él o ella ha desempeñado en tu éxito? Julie and I have know each other since March 2010. I followed her lead and invite to become a Coach on her team. My journey has not come without its ups and downs, but overall it's been a positive outcome and I know Julie is happy with the results I've earned. She has always pushed me to do more, she makes sure I'm giving my best, encouraged me to get a heart rate monitor, and get to know my body and what it needs. Her passion for fitness is contagious and I appreciate her talent and influence on my journey.
¿Cómo te ayudó Shakeology® con tu transformación? ¿Cuáles fueron los mayores beneficios? Shakeology has been that daily constant for me. I eat six small meals a day and use one Shakeology serving towards two of those meal times in the morning. The long-term benefits of Shakeology on my body are evident and it's given me the ability to lose more body fat and gain more muscle over the course of the last 23 months on the product. Additionally, it's had a positive impact on my high energy and endurance levels to be able to perform well in my cardio and strength classes and competitions. The biggest benefits have been the amazing ingredient list and the positive impacts they've had over the course of using them daily for nearly 2 years. The compound effect is wonderful!
¿Qué herramientas y consejos de TeamBeachbody.com te fueron mas útiles? ¿Qué hizo que te sirvieran tanto? Teambeachbody.com has been helpful as a resource for learning more when I have questions about workouts and diet.
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