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SuperGym® Tutorial

Congratulations! By joining Team Beachbody® you have committed to get fit and change your life with the help of your new Beachbody® workout program. But even if you don't own a Beachbody program, Team Beachbody can still help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Here at Beachbody, we believe that getting (and staying) fit and healthy comes down to two things: finding something active that you enjoy doing and doing it often! To help you keep track of your activity and stay motivated, we've got the tools you need within the online SuperGym®.

"What in the world is an online SuperGym?" It's simple, really. The SuperGym is an online destination for you and other Team Beachbody members that are dedicated to fitness! Whether you're a free member or one of our VIP Club members, you can schedule and keep track of your workouts, get support from members around the world, join a workout group, find a local fit club, and much, much more.

Here's what to do:

Add your workout programs to your Programs Library.

Once you log into Team Beachbody, the first thing you should do is add your workout programs and the other activities you enjoy to your Fitness Programs Library. By telling us what activities you engage in, we make it easy for you to quickly add those workouts to your schedule.

You can access the Fitness Programs Library by clicking on "My Dashboard" on the user dock and then clicking on "Programs," or, by clicking on "Edit Profile" and selecting "Fitness Programs."

Step 1

Now, add any or all of the workout programs and activities you plan to do. Select the activity you plan to do the most often as your "primary program," and save your changes.

Step 2

Use the SuperGym to schedule your workouts.

Once you're logged in, go to the menu bar at the top, and select "Get Fit" to access the SuperGym.

Step 3

Once you're in the SuperGym, it's easy to set up your workouts. Depending on your needs, you can choose to workout now, schedule an upcoming workout, schedule an entire workout program, or add a completed workout.

Work out now.

If you haven't scheduled a workout program and you want to work out now, click on "Work out now." You'll then be taken to a page where you can select the activity you want and choose the workout routine (for non-Beachbody workouts, you'll be able to select the length of time you want to work out). For example, you can choose P90X® and Legs & Back. Once you've selected the workout and routine you want, click on "Add to Session." When you're ready to begin your workout, click on "Start workout now."

Once you're logged in, go to the menu bar at the top, and select "Get Fit" to access the SuperGym.

Step 4

Schedule a workout.

Already worked out today and want to schedule your workout for tomorrow? Click on "Schedule a workout," or click on any upcoming date on the calendar. (You can also "Schedule a workout" directly from your "Dashboard"—the page you're taken to when you first sign in.)

Step 1: Choose your program and routine.

On the next page, select the workout program and the routine you want to do from the drop-down menu. Click on "Add to session." (If the program you're looking for doesn't appear in your drop-down menu, click "Add it to your library" to select it in the Programs page.) Then click "Continue."

Step 5

Step 2: Choose your start time, how often you want to do the workout, and your Workout Buddies.

Now it's time to add more details. First, pick the time you want the workout to start. If you want your workout to recur on a regular basis, select this frequency from the "Repeat" drop-down menu. You can also invite any of your Workout Buddies to join you in this particular workout—click the box next to his or her name and photo, and that person will receive an invitation. If you want, you can write a motivating message in the space below that will be sent to your Workout Buddies.

Step 6

Step 3: Confirm that your information is correct.

Click "Review and confirm" to take a look at your upcoming schedule. If you want to make changes, click "Edit." If not, click "Save" and you're done!

Step 7

Set up an auto-schedule.

The easiest way to schedule your upcoming workouts is to let us populate your schedule through our "auto-schedule" tool. Click on "Add a Full Program Schedule." This will take you to a page where you can choose a preset schedule from any of the Beachbody programs you've added to your library. If you want to do a hybrid schedule, those are in there too, but you need to add both workout programs to your library for them to show up on the selection screen.

Now, select the schedule you want to follow, the day you'd like to start, the time of day you usually work out, and what day you're on in the program and we'll fill your calendar with your upcoming workouts!

Step 8

Add a completed workout.

Forget to log a workout ahead of time? That's OK. To add a workout you've already done, click on "Add a completed workout," or click on any past calendar date. Then select the workout and routine, and click "Save."

Now we're happy anytime you workout, but we should tell you that when you add a completed workout (as opposed to scheduling one in advance or using our "Work out now" function), that workout isn't eligible for Daily Sweepstakes prizes. If that isn't incentive enough, remember that those who keep track of their workouts are more successful at reaching their goals than those who don't.

Take advantage of the Gym Rat Chat.

Whether you've just completed a workout or need motivation to start, take advantage of the Gym Rat Chat room. Here, you'll meet other Team Beachbody members and Coaches who can give advice, help you stay motivated, or get you back on track. You can access the Gym Rat Chat by clicking on the button just below your profile photo.

Step 9