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GET THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Let Me Be Your Online Beachbody Personal Coach! Click here to veiw my website: My name is Patty Johnson and I'm passionate about helping you lose weight, get fit, & feel great!
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My Transformation Story: My slim-n-6 journey began on March 30, 2008 standing in a dressing room viewing the incredible damage I had allowed, by making excuses for not taking action to help More ...
My Transformation Story: My slim-n-6 journey began on March 30, 2008 standing in a dressing room viewing the incredible damage I had allowed, by making excuses for not taking action to help myself. It’s very sad that I had in my possession a very powerful tool that I had already ordered from Beach Body and it sat for 8 months on my shelve collecting dust along with my other work-out videos that I’ve collected through the years. I’m referring to the Slim-n-6 CD’s. I had no idea how powerful this program was, nor how much it would change my life. I got up March 31, 08 and opened the CD’s to view it. After, I watched it for a few minutes; I went and put on some shorts, Tennis shoes & sleeveless top. I did my 1st workout! I was so excited and determined to do this for me. I went to work and decided when I got back home; I was going to go to BB web site to find a coach. I had been assigned one but had no idea how to contact the person because it had been so long since I had ordered it. I got home that evening and went to the forums and looked around for information. I saw a thread that looked fun and motivational so I e-mailed the coach and asked for her assistance to help me get started in the right direction. Well, to my surprise I already had a response back from her by the very next morning when I woke up! She was very warm and made me feel welcomed. She gave me the info I needed to get me started. I was very impressed and comforted by her knowledge of the products and her willingness to take a personal interest in my success. I have learned a lot from her. I gained a better understanding of the importance of proper nutrition, the importance of water and pushing play and trusting the process. I took my before picture and did my stats on April 4th so I actually lost more than I had documented. I saw major changes every 2 weeks when I took new pictures. It gave me even more incentive to keep going forward. There were days that I struggled, I had to deal with the fatigue and pain from Fibromyalgia, I kept my eyes focused on my goal and with the help of my coach, my wonderful thread mates, S-n-6 and the awesome products at BB,” I now also have my own success story. I knew by the 1st week that Team Beach Body was going to be my permanent fitness home. As of today I’ve lost 14 lb’s and 21.5” I’ve now regained my self-esteem and a new love for life. I’ve decided to become a coach myself and I’m so happy to be a part of helping others achieve their goals! What an honor and a reward! If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO! CONTACT INFO: To Your Success ~Patty~ If you’d like to have me as your coach, click “play the game” below & fill out the short form. It is free! Be sure to e-mail me to let me know! Per TBB policies, I CANNOT contact you first! If you were assigned to me, I also need you to e-mail me first! I’ll be back in touch within 24 hours. CONTACT

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ChaLEAN Extreme®
10-Minute Trainer®
Rockin' Body®
Slim in 6®
P90X Chin-Up Bar
Heart Rate Monitor
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Resistance Bands
ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
Meal Replacement Shake
Whey Protein Powder
Joint Support Super Formula
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Today is my 1st day OFFICIALLY with Les Mills Pump!!! YAY!!!! Love it!!! I practiced this weekend with the pump challenge to get correct form and to get familiar with the program and today is a More ...
GOOD TIMES!!! Week # 3 of Chalean Extreme starts TODAY!!!!! Loving every drop of sweat, every sore muscle!!! My "dumbell weights" have increased dramatically. Never thought in my wildest More ...
Week #2 Chalean Extreme finished, YAAAAY!!! I'm starting to see the hard work is really paying off. So far 5 pounds of fat GONE!!! Muscels are showing some nice deffinition...wooohooo! I love More ...
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