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Hello Exercise buddies, It’s been really hard to keep exercising during the Holidays but I always seem to get in 1/2 an hour or 45 minute for my sanity. This is very important for the head as well as the heart. Keeping those extra pounds off seems to do the trick as well. Throughout the year I been involve with P90X, Power 1/2 hour Insanity, and other program with Teambeachbody as well as the famous Shakeology that I cannot live without drinking it at least 5 times a week. If you want to curve your sweet tooth and stick to healthy foods, Shakeology seems to do the trick for me. 

One of my favorite all time exercise is running as a lot of you know. I have a youth club in Albuquerque that runs at the local, regional and National level. It is so important for children to exercise these days, a lot of time kids get addictive to the TV, game boxes and computers that they just don't go to the park or the roller skate rinks to get exercise. On the evening news in a doctor announce an exercise test that went on in the 1960 and 70's oppose to the elementary kids today. The comparison came out that when you run a mile the kids of the 60's and 70's would of run ¾ of a lap (4 laps being a mile on a track) ahead of the kids of today in a mile run. We were healthier, had better fitness level and ate better back then. We played in the parks more often, we rode our bikes more, and we had more recesses and PE classes. We could get our kids involve with these exercise programs, there is kids get fit with Shawn T and Tony Horton. The younger ones up to 10 could do these exercises. We need to encourage kids to get out there and join clubs to stay fit.

We all want to give back and that is what my husband and I do for the kids in Albuquerque. We had 50 kids training, 35 kids run in the State Cross-Country Meet, 25 participated in the Regional and 12 in the Nationals. All kids ran September, October, November at least three times a week. Some of the runners played soccer as well.

On our team our coaches encourage the kids to play basketball, swim, karate, and gymnastic on the off season so exercise become a habit.

I love to run for fun as well. I have been running seasonally off and on since I was eleven years old. This past X-Country Season was my best ever competing in seven races and improving in everyone. The last race I ran in was the Turkey Trek and ran the 5K in 21:15, one minute faster than the X-Country Meets. My record for the season is seven 1st places in my age-group (55-59) which I have not accomplished ever before. Looking forward to what I can do next year.

Set your goals higher and they will be high! Do the best that you can and feel good about it!  


 Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Insanity is tough P90X is just right

Hello Exercise buddie,

If you want a hard cardio vascular workout that kicks your butt, do Insanity. When I started P90X about 5 years ago I would tell beginners to pace themselves. Now with Insanity, and in better shape I still say pace yourself. If you ever have that dizzy sick feeling that is normal, that is a sign to back off and go slower if you refuse to stop like myself and many others. This workout is anarobic, with out oxygen to a certain extent. They motivate you so much that you want to stay up, and all of a sudden it will hit you, oxygen debt. That is not a bad thing it is good if you are ready for it. Know your body, know when to push and when to hold back. You will get it, it may take a few time so keep trying don't give up. 

Your better every time,

Coach Lucille

Being consistent in the workout but not the eating!

Boy, I can run 6 days out of the week but can't seem to get rid of this somache. People will tell me what stomache and to them I am very slim and fit. But you know your body, you know when you are bigger and you want to look good. The stomach is the first place on me that gets big. When I lift my leg up and bring the knee to my chest that stomache gets in the way. When I lay down and the fat flop over you know you got to lose that. The exercise is there but my discipline for food is not. So I am going to keep trying and be happy for what I have. I have to say I am more fit than most 58 year olds but I would like to look like some 58 year olds that are doing better than me. I have a family reunion this weekend and a 40th High School Reunion at the end of the month so that is a great incentive to keep plugging away. So eat smart everyone, keep exercising too!

Coach Lucille

Success Story-Shakeology and "Workout"

Hello Team,

Time flies when you having a good time! Or, time flies when you’re so busy I don’t know which. Workout buddies are getting into shape and looking good and feeling good.

69 year old grandmother over came physical obstacles to reach her weight loss goals and to become a healthier more active individual for herself and familyThis is an inspiring story about a 69 year old grandmother that lost 30 pounds on Shakeology and “The Workout” that comes with Shakeology. Shakeology is the chocolate dessert and nutrients that I take every day to keep my weight off. If you can do this at 69 you can do at your age.

“Going on 70 and able to perform the workouts is my greatest achievement along with keeping up with my twin grandchildren with all their activities.

How did you feel about yourself and your body before exercise and Shakeology?

As a caretaker for my Aunt and then babysitting for twin grandchildren, I had very little time for myself and allowed myself to put on more and more weight and overall felt very tired and exhasted at the end of the day. I wasn't even thinking about the terrible foods I was eating.

What inspired you to change?

My son lost over 50 lbs with P90x and Shakeology. My daughter in-law also started with Slim 6 and Shakeology, lost weight and really toned up. So I wanted in on that action.

Why did you choose the particular program?

Shakeology is a great way to start when you are questioning your fitness capabilities. P90x looked too extreme to this grandmother, and even Slim 6 was too much. So I found out that Shakeology included some workouts and my thought was to clean up my nutrition, and introduce work out programs that I could handle.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?

There really isn't an easier way to start losing weight and eating healthier then by using Shakeology as a meal replacement once a day. The work out programs included allowed me to start at my level and once I completed the 30 DVD, I then moved up to the 50 DVD. I really love those programs and love Shakeology even more.

What was your biggest challenge?

I fractured my foot and had to wear a protective foot boot and which really hampered my physical activity. It was at that time that I started Shakeology and realized that I could in fact start to lose weigh even thought my physical activity was not where I wanted it.

What achievements are you proud of?

I lost over 35 lbs with Shakeology and I love it! I'm also ready now to come off my HBP and Cholesterol medication! And I'm now fitting in dress sizes that I haven't been able to do since the 80's! Going on 70 and able to perform the workouts is my greatest achievement along with keeping up with my twin grandchildren with all their activities. I use to sit back and watch them as they rode the rides at our local amusement part Kings Island. But now I run around the park with them participating in all rides and activities! I've also joined a local silver Sneaker class and happy to report I'm running circles around them!!

 I’m keeping up my running three times a week and working out on Teambeachbody, P90X, and at least three times a week.

Coach Lucille 4 22 13 Lost 7 pounds and 5 inches over all in the past three months. Burned 3% fat BMI This past two weeks I have been injured so the running came to a halt. The workout schedule was up to 40 miles a week until one day a sharp pain came to my calf muscle that felt like a knife just stab it. It was even painful walking around for at least a day. I took off a couple of days of running but kept up the ab ripper (P90X) without standing and jumping, and did some upper body work as well. I got out that elastic tube for leg strength workouts that I learned from P90X and applied more exercises. For cardio I had to do something so I got on the bike and rode miles. My goal is to run the ½ marathon but with it being so close to race day and lack of running training I am running the 5K. I am very competitive with myself and I push very hard. I am just happy to work out and feel good at this time. Keep striving and stay on track as much as possible and it will all come together for you.

To your health,

Coach Lucille



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