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BREAKING NEWS: Test Group Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Buddies!

Tomorrow Beachbody starts a new test group....AND I've passed the audition to participate!!  Tonight's feels like being a little kid all wound up the night before our family left on the annual vacation trip - it'll be hard to calm down and get some sleep tonight!!

We're going to be working directly with one of Beachbody's incredible trainers for a week.  Each morning we'll have a meeting with this trainer before and after our workout sessions.  How cool! A chance to do Q&A with the person developing the program we're working.

Today, our test group of met with Beachbody's "Test Team" for our briefing, weigh in, and before pictures.  What an impressive group it is, too!

Check back for updates on the impact (err....progress) experienced by participating in this test group.  It's going to be a heck of a challenge..... But I'll bring all I've got, and then some!

I'll pick P90X Doubles (week 6) back up next week (Feb. 1).

Keep in touch, and keep pushing play,


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Jeff, congratulations, sounds great, keep us updated!

Posted on 1/26/10 2:11 PM.

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i am so EXCITED for you. keep up posted friend.

Posted on 1/31/10 11:17 AM.

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Hi Jeff, How can I become a member of a test group? How much progress have you made since Jan?

Posted on 6/10/10 5:57 PM.

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