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Insanity Day 29: Core Cardio and Balance

Today is the first day of our rest week! It was the first time that either John or I tackled Core Cardio and Balance.  I really liked this workout, it was a day I needed some recovery and I felt like it provided that. The workout started out with a warm up, but it was at a much slower pace warm up then we are used to. It went through a series of exercises from Yoga/Balance Poses, to strength based stuff, to a whole new combination of moves. If you watch the video you’ll see the first move after the warm up we do Football Shuffles which is like Football Drills, but slower, John and I are so not in sync with our coordinated clapping. There is a series where you remain in a squat position for 3 minutes and do a variety of arm exercises which kill your shoulders, but I think this will really help with increasing the strength I have in my shoulders. There is another series of balance poses were you work on your quad and hip flexor, which is hard to stay in as well, but I think it will definitely improve my success through the next month of Insanity!   

Overall I really like Core Cardio and Balance, John wasn’t the biggest fan but I love that it’s designed so you can go slow and just go through the moves or go more intense if you feel up to pushing yourself. He gives you a few seconds at the end of each exercise to push yourself or he says if you just want to take the time and recovery then do that. Rest week is this same workout every day, so I figure I won’t blog everyday because what will I have to say each day doing the same moves and not really trying to get bigger or better numbers through this series. We might switch out one of the Core Cardio and Balance exercises for Yoga because I so miss Yoga and really loved how it stretched me out. Nothing is for sure but I’ll catch you guys up at the start of Month 2. John and I are going to cut one of the Core Cardio and Balance/Off Days and do the Fit Test and then do Max Interval Circuit on Tuesday because doing the Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit back to back is not a feasible amount of time for us to give up. So we are modifying slightly and moving the Fit Test a day early and doing Max Interval Circuit on Tuesday by itself.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I’ll be checking on things even though I won’t be updating  my blog, keep working hard guys and please come check out my website at

Insanity Day 28: Plyo Cardio Curcuit

So when I first found out that we don’t get to do Power Cardio and Resistance again and that I end on Plyo Cardio Circuit, I was less than thrilled. Then in my head I heard, “Of Course we are doing, Plyo Cardio Circuit again, it’s the one you don’t like.” So now that you are ready to have me committed for hearing voices, I really felt like I was being punished somehow for having to do the one workout I like least the more times than any of the other workouts. Having had a great workout and time to reflect of course, it seems only fitting to finish my first month of Insanity on Plyo Cardio Circuit. It was my struggle, my Everest if you will, and I beat it, so it really does sum up the first month of Insanity for me.  Check out my video .  

That’s right the first month is in the books and now we are off to our peaceful recovery week. I’m sure there will be hard work thrown in there as well, but it’s nice to have some acknowledgement that it is in fact time to take a break and recover. The first month of Insanity was intense I feel like I got some great results and moreover I have effectively implemented exercise into my everyday routine. I know I don’t look forward to working out, but it’s in my schedule, on my daily to do list, and despite what else is going on, I get it done every day. Now that I have incorporated exercise into my life I am ready to start focusing and getting the results I deserve. I have never really cared what the scale says, I have always just wanted to feel good and look better. So that is my focus for my next month of Insanity to feel and look good. I know I will get better numbers, I know the scale will eventually be on my side, but my overall goal is to FEEL and LOOK better.  What are some of your Insanity goals?

I am excited to do Core Cardio and Balance tomorrow, it’s a new workout so I’m not sure exactly what’s in store for me, but I’m sure it is only moderately intense and that it will help me prepare for month two. Month two is a bit scary since I have barley learned to master some of the month one workouts. I’m not sure how I will tackle month two, but I know I will do it like I do everything else, one step at a time. Have any of you completed Insanity? What is month two like? What can I expect? All I know is I’m ready! Bring it on month Two!Don't forget to check out

Insanity Day 27: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs


Today was a good day for me, I love the weekend workouts because I never feel rushed, I can always choose to workout at my most optimal time. Today was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs which surprisingly didn’t bother me as much today, I felt more like it was one complete workout instead of the dreaded two workouts I always complain about.  John and I were having fun and chatting throughout the workout to keep motivated. He was having a hard time today due to knee pain and muscle tightness so he modified a bit throughout. As for me I did really well, I took only 2 short water breaks, which is way less then I usually take and I am really noticing a cardio improvement.

I may not move fast or push too hard throughout each move but my ability to stay in it and keep working has definitely increased. I have learned to pace myself, which is something I recommend to all of you. It’s great to push hard and get as many of each exercise as possible, but if you are killing yourself in the beginning and not making it to the end you need to make some adjustments. I think I was pushing too hard through Pure Cardio and ended up needing more breaks and not having the energy to tackle Cardio Abs, but today I went through most of moves all the way through, took a few short brakes, and still had my energy up for Cardio Abs. I was proud of myself today, I’m sad that it seemed to take me a whole month to master these workouts and now I have to move on to new ones but at least I am seeing progress. Goodbye Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs I will miss you!

If you asked me if I could complete Insanity and get better numbers with each week I’m not sure I would have said yes, but now I can honestly tell you I WILL complete insanity and my numbers are going to be sustainably better each week. The process is working, stick with it and you’ll see results. Need help or support, have questions just let me know and we’ll work through it. Check out my video , visit my website , and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Keep Digging Deep Guys!

Insanity Day 26: Cardio Recovery

So today is the last Cardio Recovery Day! I am sad to see it go, but glad this journey is almost half over! I assume Max Recovery will be just as wonderful if not more so. Today was actually quiet challenging. If you read my post yesterday I Rocked Plyo Cardio Circuit and got the best result I have ever gotten. I came into today thinking, oh Cardio Recovery no big deal, boy was I wrong. Because I had pushed so hard in yesterday’s workout my body was beat up and could not enjoy Cardio Recovery like I normally do. I usually feel more relaxed and really stretched out from Cardio Recovery, but not today. Today I struggled to hold each pose and stay in the positions like I was supposed to be doing.

Don’t get me wrong I loved having Cardio Recovery today, not sure how well I would have done if it was any other workout but it was not as calm and peaceful for me as usual. This just goes to show you that I was in fact working extremely hard yesterday and also that your body really does need to recovery in order to produce the best results. Today is necessary, so don’t skip Recovery. I think if you watch my video you’ll see it wasn’t the best but it was a good workout for a restful Saturday and did in fact help stretch out some of my sore muscles. I am debating adding X stretch from P90X or Asylum Relief later just to stretch out a little better. Do you guys ever feel like you need to do anything extra to help you recover?  Share your thoughts and check out

Insanity Day 25: Plyo Cardio Circuit

WOOHOO!!! Today I am pumped from Plyo Cardio Circuit, I brought my A game today guys! So if you can believe it I beat Coach John today and if you can’t believe it you should watch it happen by checking out the video  I did so wonderful today during this workout, I came ready to get it done and was so focused, I pushed through all my tiredness and dug deep (insert John’s digging deep signature move here!)

I really do push myself through all the workouts, but this one was different I was finally to the point I wasn’t struggling to breathe or in pain that I could push myself farther than I ever have before. I completed the whole warm up all the way through for the very first time today. I know some of you have been able to complete the warm up in its entirety since day 1 but I could not. So today I CONQUERED the Insanity warm up and it feels great. I am so euphoric right now having mastered something that has beaten me week in and week out, and I know I am getting stronger day after day. I was able to push hard through all 3 rounds of the first circuit, these exercises are challenging but I seem to have just adapted to them and am able to get through all of them throughout each round. The second circuit is still my struggle, I always push hard in basketball drills because I can and that was no different today. I was able to stay in it and push throughout all three rounds but the next 3 exercises are where I struggle. It is a real challenge for me to hold plank and do level 1 drills, ski abs, and in and out abs all in a row, but I did much better today. Even if I couldn’t keep doing the exercises the hold time I held plank longer than I usually can and stayed in it. I did complete most of the level 1 drills, at a slow pace mind you, and sometime I couldn’t do the pushups but I’d hold plank and then run it out. The Ski abs and In and Out abs I did the best I could but cannot do those for their entirely.

I did great today guys I hope you did too! Let me know how your Insanity journey is going. It’s rough; some days we are on a high and others a real low. Look back at my journey and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Today was a high for me, I feel very pumped! So here is to hoping you all are digging deep and feeling great from your workout journeys, and hopefully we will all have many more successes to come.  Until tomorrow guys! Don’t forget to check out  

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