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P90X Nutrition Plan - Grocery List and Weekly Menu

Alright, friends, as promised here is our Fat Shredder Menu (just did Monday to give you an idea) and Grocery List for the week!  As I said before, I really think the key to making this work is pre-preparing a good bit of what you will be eating.  In our household, we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  So, preparing things ahead of time is the best idea all around.  If you have to work crazy long hours, or if you tend to have a "30 minute meals" approach to cooking, taking part of your "free" hour on your Rest Day and making some of your weekly menu ahead of time would be a good idea for you too!  Keep in mind, this is for two people:  one in Level I and one in Level II.  The only difference will be portion size.

Just a reminder: 

Phase 1 Level 1:  5x Protein, 2x Dairy, 1x Fruit, 2x Vegetables, 1x Fat, 1x Carbs, 2x Snacks (I don't do protein bars), 1x Recovery Drink (on "Rest Days", count 3x snacks)

The Menu:


Breakfast - Chicken Scramble (2 protein, 1 dairy), berries, juice (1 fruit)

Snack - 1 Tbsp peanut butter & celery (1 snack),

Lunch - Shakeology  (1 protein)

Snack - Recovery Drink, 1 frozen fruit bar

Dinner - 6 oz steak w/ onions & mushrooms, Asparagus, Brown Rice (2 protein, 2 vegetable, 1 Carb, 1 fat)

Before bed:  If I get hungry before bed, I tend to have something warm to drink like tea with lemon and a 1/4 tsp honey.  If I'm going to "indulge" I have hot chocolate made with 1/2 H20, 1/2 skim milk, and "homemade" hot chocolate powder (Alton Brown's recipe).  This is something I allow myself 2x a week.  The nutrition guide also okays a protein shake, and sometimes I'll do that.

Here are some suggestions for mealtime variants.  I know, and completely understand, that eating the same thing over and over may not be all that appealing to you!  Remember, these are for a Level 1.  Adjust your portions as you need!

Breakfast -  Cheese scramble (add onions for a flavor kick!) & turkey bacon, 3 small pancakes w/ Agave nectar or fruit, Veggie Sausage Muffin, Shakeology (only one shake a day!)

Lunch - Grilled chicken or steak salad, raw plate (cold cuts, cheese or fat-free, plain yogurt, raw veggies or fruit), soup (not from a can!) and salad

Dinner - just about anything!!  Just don't fry, and try to stay away from pre-packaged, pre-processed foods. 

So, play with it!  Give yourself some wiggle room, and if you need help figuring it out and making it work for you, just ask!  So, it's pretty much scrambles every morning, but sometimes I'll use egg substitute.  Twice a week I will have the Veggie Sausage Muffin.  I could eat it every day, except I like to have a carb at dinner sometimes too! 

Now for the grocery list.  Keep in mind, I shop for two weeks at a time.  I went grocery shopping yesterday, and this didn't add significantly to our bill - maybe $5-10.

  • Chicken breasts- at least 10 nice sized breasts
  • Lean Strip Steak - enough for 6 steak salads (3 for me and 3 for Trey each week) - I wish we had tri-tip here!  Ask your butcher or check your meat case.  It's going to end up in salads, so think about the ease of cooking
  • Shrimp (fresh for us, yay!  frozen for you, maybe, but just as good!)
  • Veggie burgers and veggie sausage
  • Fish (probably going to have it 2x a week) - I like Orange Roughy.  Eva  (3 yo) has fish sticks.
  • Pork tenderloin
  • pork chops
  • beef roast
  • whole grain, egg free dry pasta
  • turkey burger
  • marinara sauce (I make my own with tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes and tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce & spices)
  • brown rice
  • eggs
  • egg substitute
  • whole wheat bread, English Muffins and Bagels
  • bottled Light Balsalmic Vinaigrette dressing, or any light vinaigrette really!
  • olive oil,  or there is a new fusion of olive oil and a couple of others that is less expensive, has omega-3s added and the same nutritional value as olive oil
  • turkey jerky
  • string cheese
  • some form of nut - we like almonds!
  • skim milk or soy milk or almond milk
  • natural peanut butter or almond butter
  • part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • vegetable cooking spray
  • fresh & frozen fruits - fresh for snacking and additions to meals, frozen for adding to Shakeology and Protein Shakes
  • bags of baby spinach and salad mixers (steer clear of iceberg lettuce-it won't do you any good)
  • fresh veggies - especially celery for snacking, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, onions (easy to flavor recipes with), snap peas, green beans, tomatoes, and carrots

So, play with it!  Have FUN!  Don't be intimidated!!!  Use your P90X Nutrition Guide and scan the portion sheets (with the little boxes), print them and USE THEM EVERY DAY!  You can also make them in Excel if you don't have a scanner. 


Good luck my friends!

Tab :)

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This is FANTASTIC Tab, thanks so much!!! You've given me lots of great ideas, which is super helpful since I don't have the Nutrition Guide that you are working off of. Can you send me the recipe for the muffins and the scrambles that you make? Also, in our experience, brown rice never fully cooked and we didn't care for it. Do you know any tricks to making it turn out better? And the pasta, how did you guys like that?

Posted on 2/4/10 7:46 AM.

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Veggie Sausage Muffin:
2 Veggie Sausage patties (Morningstar is my fave)
1 whole wheat English Muffin
1 1/2 oz low-fat Mozzarella cheese

Bake the sausage in the oven at 350 for 6 minutes, put the halved muffin sprinkled with mozzarella in the oven with the sausage for 2 minutes (8 minutes cooking time), make a sandwich and serve

The scrambles vary depending on your "Level" (1 or 2).

They are made totally of egg whites (4 or 6 or 8) or the comparable amount of egg substitute. For the cheese scramble, it's about a quarter cup of low fat cheese (again, they recommend Mozzarella). For the chicken scramble it's 2 or 4 ounces of diced chicken and a sprinkle of cheese. I usually add onions and tomatoes to the chicken one. You can get creative though. There are low fat cold cuts available that you could put into here also, and then you would have ham or turkey or roast beef. Just be mindful of portions and calories when making substitutions.

Posted on 2/4/10 1:20 PM in reply to meegannoel.

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thanks so much for posting

Posted on 2/5/12 11:18 AM in reply to tabbenedict.

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you are welcome!

Posted on 6/28/12 11:58 AM in reply to Monique0906.

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