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Just to give an update, I am doing P90X now and things are going very well!  I plan to blog each week as I go through P90x from start to finish.  Power 90 did an amazing job of getting me ready for the X!

Just to backup a step, I lost over 25lbs with Power 90.  I used Shakeology just after I finished up the first month.  I've stayed with Shakeology everyday since.  For P90X, I am doing the "Classic" version and I am following the diet plan to a "T".  I am doing the "portion plan" for my diet, it seems really straight forward. 

I'm just like everyone else, the pullups seem to be the hardest thing for me.  I enjoy doing the arms and tricep exercises the most.  The YogaX is tough and will also really challenge you but, I like doing the Yoga now after getting familiar with it in Power 90.  I am not very flexible so the Yoga has really helped me in that regard.

If you have any questions, drop me a note, I am always happy to share my experience and I love to hear about yours!


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