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Les Mills Body Combat Day 4: Shock HIIT Plyo

Les Mills Combat Day 4:  Shock HIIT Plyo

Shock HIIT Plyo

Today I conquered day 4 of the Les Mills Combat workout program.  Today was Shock HIIT Plyo.  This was a short 30 minute workout that didn't lack intensity.  The moves weren't difficult and involved a lot of lunging and squatting.  This workout concentrated on legs with a lot of jumps too.  It was not lacking exercises for the abs and arms though.  We did do push ups and some mountain climbers as well.  I managed to burn 278 calories for this exercise.  After the Shock HIIT plyo I then completed the Inner Warrior:  Stretch and Strength to lengthen and stretch my muscles.  This is a short 20 minute stretch and is so worth the time!  I feel great now and am drinking my results and recovery drink.  I am going to shower now and drink my Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk on my way to work.  Have a great day everyone and stick with the fight!

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