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A few politically incorrect words about BeachBody diets and supplements

1. I enjoy P90X. I really happy my co-worker pointed me out to that outstanding complex. I will definitely continue with P90X2, with Insanity, 10-Minutes Trainer, etc. I think that Tony Horton is incredible trainer and great artist too. Every time I do P90X workouts I'm finding new humorous things he's saying.

My wife found "Brazilian Butt" to be superb as well.


2. Since I'm not a coach and not affiliated with BeachBody in any way, let me be politically incorrect here.

What BeachBody recommends as a diet / recipies and most of its brand supplements are incredible lame and over-priced.

Just look at those endless advices to cook things with pastry and to eat "lean pizza". Every person with minimum of analytical skills, familiar with commonly available literature and presentations like Sugar: The Bitter Truth to see how wrong it is.


3. Regarding supplements:spend some time browsing internet and comparing reviews. Especially handy are user comments on Amazon. Some of them allowed me to find much cheaper and better supplements and nutrition. (A lot of superb products comes from Hammer Nutrition.)

Here's a sample set of nutritions and vitamins to support intense P90X training, whay better than what Beach Body offeres:
a) Vitamins: Universal Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement.
b) Performance enchancement pills: SportLegs Supplement.
c) Pre-workout drink: First Endurance PreRace, Unflavored
d) During workout performance enchancement and electrolites mix: VPX Sports No Shotgun, Lime Splash mixed with Hammer Gel Hammer HEED Unflavored.
e) During workout proteins and energy source mix: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate mixed with Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Extreme Endurance Fuel.
f) Post workout recovery drinks: Endurox R4 Recovery Drink, Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 Recovery, Optimum Nutrition After Max Post-Workout Maximum Recovery.

A little extra, cheap but very tasty bars by Nature Valley.

Enjoy :)

Should we avoid eating grains? This "Paleo" artcle by Nell Stephenson ( suggests so. But I have my doubts

See this short article along with realted discussion at Google+


Should we avoid eating grains? This "Paleo" artcle by Nell Stephenson suggests so. But I have my doubts


OK, sure: that's crazy to eat pre-race pasta. I never do it too. In fact, I would avoid eating "dinner is always roasted chicken breast" on a pre-race dinner and I never eat a pre-race breakfast of "signature smoothie: 8 oz brewed, chilled green tea, 1 large banana, 1 tablespoon raw almond butter, 1 scoop of plain egg white protein powder, and some more yam, salted" either.
In fact, I don't eat regular food at pre-race breakfast at all. Instead, I drink a special Pre-Race meal; I think it previously was Met Endurance, now usually First Endurance pre-race. Hammer Nutrition recently suggested its Sustained Energy as a pre-race meal; I might try it, because I generally prefer products by Hammer (Sustained Energy and Perpetuem both are just superb, especially Perpetuem! I like them because they are neutral on taste, not sour.

But what strikes me is how different are recommendations from such well-regarded sources as Hammer Nutrition, Training Peak, and Triathlon Coach. All three are triathlon specialists and athletes, but yet they suggest opposite things. Nell Stephenson at Training Peak says grain should be avoided, while "Fueling for Life: You are What you Don’t Eat?" article at Triathlon Coach suggests that "nuts, oats, rye, barley and legumes" are really good. And going further we'll find Macrobiotic diet

So, who is right, who is wrong? Maybe instead of being categorical we'd better follow these wise words by Tom Onda from ""Fueling for Life" article:

"Is your diet for everyone?

NO! Each person is unique - by inherited constitution, age, sex and occupation and environment. I don’t believe in people dispensing general diet advice. I don’t believe in fad diets, such as all-protein diets, no-protein diets, all fruit diets, cottage cheese diets, no-salt diets, low-salt diets, high fat and no-fat diets, carbohydrate diets, vegetarian diets. All these diets fail because they are man-made and cannot be followed for a lifetime. I don’t believe in anyone who touts that he/she has discovered the perfect diet. Each person needs to find what works for him/her. It is a personal journey – and a very worthwhile one."

Hal Higdon about using cold to soothe sore stiff muscles

Hal Higdon:

... ditch that heating pad. To reduce swelling in the muscles, you should use cold not heat. For best results, fill your bathtub with cold water, climb in, then dump a couple of bags of ice into the tub on top of you to lower the temperature more. I know: AAAIIIIEEE! But runners who have the courage to take the plunge insist that ice baths are the route to quick recovery.



The best combination drink to consume during P90X strength exercises

Here's the best combination drink to consume during P90X strength exercises. I found and tried this formula today, and there is nothing tastier and better to support your muscles strength:

- 2 measurement caps of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein
- 1 measurement cap of Hammer Perpetuem Caffe Latte

2. Mix it into 12-16 fl. oz water bottle
3. Drink and enjoy.

P90X Yoga-X is supeb!

I finished my first Yoga-X about an hour ago.

While it was a mistake to do yoga on the morning (I couldn’t stretch and was forced to pause it and do my regular warm-up / core exercises for 20 minutes first), I must say the following:

-      - I like P90X, but I simply *In love with Yoga-X*.  It’s better than any DVD yoga complex I tried and it’s very similar to what I’m doing in a free yoga class in Earth Trek climbing gym for last several months, but probably even more intense. Like our gym yoga, Tony Horton's cource is well balanced, includes excercises for different parts of a body, focuses on correct movements and breathing... and includes a lot of down-facing dog / upper facing dog / warrior poses - which I really like and found helpful for my lower back.

My problem was that I’m visiting yoga class only once per week and cannot remember it to do at home on my own. Now I got it.

Without yoga I wouldn’t be able to sustain a level of training I’m in: rock climbing, triathlon (swim, bike, run), ultra-marathon trail run, some weight lifting, P90x.

Vladimir Kelman


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