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Should we avoid eating grains? This "Paleo" artcle by Nell Stephenson ( suggests so. But I have my doubts

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Should we avoid eating grains? This "Paleo" artcle by Nell Stephenson suggests so. But I have my doubts


OK, sure: that's crazy to eat pre-race pasta. I never do it too. In fact, I would avoid eating "dinner is always roasted chicken breast" on a pre-race dinner and I never eat a pre-race breakfast of "signature smoothie: 8 oz brewed, chilled green tea, 1 large banana, 1 tablespoon raw almond butter, 1 scoop of plain egg white protein powder, and some more yam, salted" either.
In fact, I don't eat regular food at pre-race breakfast at all. Instead, I drink a special Pre-Race meal; I think it previously was Met Endurance, now usually First Endurance pre-race. Hammer Nutrition recently suggested its Sustained Energy as a pre-race meal; I might try it, because I generally prefer products by Hammer (Sustained Energy and Perpetuem both are just superb, especially Perpetuem! I like them because they are neutral on taste, not sour.

But what strikes me is how different are recommendations from such well-regarded sources as Hammer Nutrition, Training Peak, and Triathlon Coach. All three are triathlon specialists and athletes, but yet they suggest opposite things. Nell Stephenson at Training Peak says grain should be avoided, while "Fueling for Life: You are What you Don’t Eat?" article at Triathlon Coach suggests that "nuts, oats, rye, barley and legumes" are really good. And going further we'll find Macrobiotic diet

So, who is right, who is wrong? Maybe instead of being categorical we'd better follow these wise words by Tom Onda from ""Fueling for Life" article:

"Is your diet for everyone?

NO! Each person is unique - by inherited constitution, age, sex and occupation and environment. I don’t believe in people dispensing general diet advice. I don’t believe in fad diets, such as all-protein diets, no-protein diets, all fruit diets, cottage cheese diets, no-salt diets, low-salt diets, high fat and no-fat diets, carbohydrate diets, vegetarian diets. All these diets fail because they are man-made and cannot be followed for a lifetime. I don’t believe in anyone who touts that he/she has discovered the perfect diet. Each person needs to find what works for him/her. It is a personal journey – and a very worthwhile one."

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