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white river junction, VT
I have struggled to loose weight my entire life. Beachbody is now a staple in my life I will never stop. You need to make time to do it then do it, thinking about it wont do anything.
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I've been so blessed to find beachbody I lost over 70lbs, I'm so happy!!!! More ...
I've been so blessed to find beachbody I lost over 70lbs, I'm so happy!!!!

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well its been a long time since last post I guess, lets just say though im very happy. So far lost 33 lbs and 6 pants sizes its taking a lot longer than I thought but I had a lot too lol. When first More ...
its Fri I'm a week in, in the past of being in shape I could literally picky wife up of my shoulder no problems now I could barely lift her off the ground with out help or struggling. yesterday I was More ...
I'm 3 dvds in I thought I would be alternating turbo jam and insanity but am finding I'm doing the insanity workout then 20 min cardio DVD for turbo jam right after. My endurance is getting much More ...
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