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By Anna Shafiei

As a first time mom, I have discovered new territories of my body that I had no clue existed. It’s almost as if my genetic makeup has More ...
By Anna Shafiei

As a first time mom, I have discovered new territories of my body that I had no clue existed. It’s almost as if my genetic makeup has changed and things just don’t look like they used to. I had always envisioned myself being a really cute prego, with no fat anywhere except for a cute little baby bump, you know like those girls in Hollywood. I really believed it would be so easy to look and feel fabulous during my entire pregnancy and then bounce right back to my pre-pregnancy size 0 (see picture) within a 3 month time frame. Yes feel free to call me crazy!

Before I talk about what really happened keep in mind that I am only 5’1”, so even the smallest amount of extra weight shows up really quickly on my frame. It is important that I give you a visual because it makes the outcome of what really happened that much more comical and shows how naïve I was. I have always been fairly active with working out and conscious of my eating habits. If I ever put on a little undesired weight, a month or two in the gym would always do the trick. News flash, this isn’t the case anymore.

I really had no idea what my body was really in for during this journey and that the only thing that was going to bounce and NOT bounce back at the end of all of this was my belly, thighs and butt when I walk. Long story short… the more I became miserable and uncomfortable with pregnancy, the more I ate. No one told me that I was doing damage that was going to be long term. Instead, all I heard was “it’s okay, you are pregnant, eat what you want.” That excuse became my best friend and I did just that, I ate anything and everything my heart desired. The day I delivered my little girl, I weighed in at a whopping 170lbs. This is where you imagine a 5’1” girl that weighs 170lbs.

My baby girl is 6 months now and am I back to a size 0 like I thought? Absolutely not, and I am not setting goals to achieve that because I officially have “Mommy Genes” now. MommyGenes are what happens to our genes after the complete physical transformation our bodies go through from carrying a baby for nine months. At least for me, my hips expanded, my belly went from firm to mush and even my feet grew a whole size. For the love of God… even my feet had to grow? That wasn’t the end of it, I still can’t fit into my wedding ring because my knuckles are still inflamed from the joint pain I developed during the nine months. Bottom line is, my body and mind look and feel completely different. I haven’t felt like myself (not just physically) since the day I found out I was pregnant.

I am ready to put down the new mommy manual of 101 excuses to let yourself go and make it a mission to find myself again.

Just to clarify, I am not on a quest to be a size 0 again. This is so much more to me than a number on a pair of jeans or a weighing scale. I am taking this journey to find who I lost transitioning from Anna into Ava’s mommy. I am not ok with the “it’s ok you just had a baby” group. Some of the members of that group that I have encountered have kids over 5 and still having the same conversation about losing the baby weight. I want to be a part of the “wow, I can’t believe you had a baby” group. The group where moms are still individuals, look amazing and have energy that should be bottled and sold at stores.

My game plan:

1) Darren Mason from is my coach and we have come up with a plan that I can fit into my busy new mommy schedule.

2) Brazil Butt Lift workouts 3 days per week in addition to 1 day of running on a treadmill.

3) Point system food plan that promotes healthy eating and portion control.

4) Post updated pictures of my progress and give you a weekly updates on my eating and workout plans.

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Brazil Butt Lift® - primary program
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Total Health Women's Formula
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