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Bedford, TX
My name is Gerry. I had such AMAZING results working out with Insanity & drinking my Shakeology for breakfast every morning (read my transformation story) that I decided to become a Beachbody coach. This actually comes easy for me since I actually am a HS coach! I've been the head cross country/track & field coach for the same large school in the D/FW, Tx area for 20 years. I have
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I’m a 48 year old high school teacher/coach. I have maintained an active lifestyle for most of my life…just a few years ago I was competing in triathlons & running my first half marathon. Then, More ...
I’m a 48 year old high school teacher/coach. I have maintained an active lifestyle for most of my life…just a few years ago I was competing in triathlons & running my first half marathon. Then, like many over 40 men & women, I allowed the daily grind of balancing a family and career to interfere with my personal health & fitness. Working out no longer was a priority & when it was, it was so difficult that I quickly abandoned the idea. My mind wanted to work at my old fitness level, but my body didn’t cooperate. I had begun to resolve that my “better days” were behind me & I was going to have to accept this new stage of my life. Before I knew what happened I had gone from FIT to FAT. I had gained almost 30 lbs & my waist had expanded to 41 inches (umbilical)! My negative transformation was so great that my HS athletes & even strangers were commenting on my “belly.”
I reached the point where I became self-conscious of myself…even questioning whether my wife was finding me attractive any more (how could she, I wasn’t attractive to myself!). I felt like a poor example to my HS athletes. I didn’t like the “next stage” of my life!
I had to do something. I turned to Facebook and asked my friends for any opinions on the Beachbody workouts. I read several favorable return posts. I researched the available programs & decided that Insanity was right for me. I ordered Insanity on a Sunday & received it the following Saturday. I began my quest for the “old me” the next day (Sun. Nov. 11, 2012). The first few Insanity workouts were discouraging…I found the first 10 min warm-up period was difficult. I had no flexability for the stretching phase. I was face down on the floor as much time as I was doing the move that Shaun T & the rest of the video participants were doing. I continued to “press play” & soon found that I could last longer before I needed a break! My flexability was improving. I was gaining confidence in my health and fitness & in my life in general. I hadn’t realized how connected my health & fitness were to my overall attitude. My mood improved & I was enjoying life again! I started crushing the Insanity workouts & even started to slowly add the things I love to the mix (running, biking, swimming).
My results are pretty incredible. I began Insanity weighing in at 194.4 lbs (I’m only 5’8”), 31% body fat, & a 41 inch waist. I set a goal to get back down to 170 lbs & a 34 inch waist. I saw positive results every week. After the 62 days of Insanity, my new numbers are:
Weight=194.4 Weight=168.5...thats a 25.9 lb loss!
Waist (umbilical)=41in Waist=34.5 in...thats a 6.5 in loss!
Hips=42in Hips=38in...thats a 4 in loss!
Chest=42in Chest=39in...thats a 3 in loss!
Thighs=23.5in Thighs=22in...thats a 1.5 in loss!
Arms=14in Arms=14 change
body fat-31% body fat=21%...thats a 10% loss!!!
total inches lost=16.5!!!

What has been the secret to my success? It’s pretty simple:
1) I choose the right program for where I was at when I began. For me, it was Insanity.
2) I followed the workout program exactly as it was laid out. I figured it was set up the way it was for a reason. I did every workout on the day it was scheduled to be done… I made my schedule fit my workout, not my workout fit my schedule!
3) I got started on Shakeology. Before starting Shakeology, I had a HUGE sweet tooth. It was so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night craving sweets. Shakeology removed my cravings for sugary snacks (even those late night trips to the kitchen). Shakeology also gives me extra energy throughout my day. I didn’t realize that until I ran out & had to wait several days before my new order arrived. I was terribly sluggish, but after getting my breakfast Shakeology back on track my energy picked back up!
4) I found a group on the Teambeachbody Message Boards to be a part of. The motivation, support, & accountability I received there was priceless. I don’t know how anyone can get through Insanity without having the support of a group with Teambeachbody?!

When I started Insanity I was looking to regain the “old” me...instead I found a whole new me!!! Now that I have attained the goals I set out for 60+ days ago, and I’m not satisfied with stopping there. I’m going to pick my next Beachbody workout & set some all new goals to continue to make the new me even better!!!

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I didn't realize I haven't made a blog entry since Christmas.  I have gone through so many changes since my last entry.  First of all, I have taken the plunge to be a Beachbody coach.  More ...
What was I thinking when deciding to do Insanity in Nov & Dec?!  LOL!  I am proud to say that I have consistently been pushing play in spite of the holiday season!  Sunday was the More ...
 I dropped another 1.8 lbs this past week putting my total at 13.9 since beginning Insanity!   Rest & Recovery week is over & I started Max workouts today!!!  I'm glad, I More ...
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