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A year ago I weighed 360 lbs. Today because I became diabetic and started drinking more water and eating less, that is down to 320. I am here to get in shape, to take control of my life and to get off of four medications. It is a transformation that will take time and effort, but nothing is as important to me. Join me if you're someone that also wants to take control of your life. All the
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I am still transforming. More ...
I am still transforming.

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Well we're closing in on a week and I'm still enjoying Shakeology and still working out with Slim in 6. I have started to see some results already, but as Hurley once said on LOST, it will be some More ...
Today was long and not as productive as I would have liked. I still did Slim in 6, but I was not able to walk or swim. Had class tonight and then went to help some friends who are remodeling a house More ...
As I mentioned earlier, I have posted a YouTube video: My channel previously has focused on tabletop role-playing games, but now I am taking it in a More ...
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